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Creamy Zucchini Risotto


I found a delightful looking recipe for Bacon & Corn Risotto and I knew it was the perfect use for the bag of Arborio rice I had in the cabinet. But I didn’t have corn or even bacon. But I did have zucchini, a bubbling pot of chicken stock (from our chickens!) and a bowl of homemade mascarpone.
Creamy Zucchini RisottoDon’t be scared! Risotto really isn’t that bad, just takes a while.
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Farm Stand Stuffed Zucchini


The inspiration for this dish is the baseball bat sized zucchini my brother-in-law provides us with each summer. Each zucchini is different and will hold a different amount so the filling is approximate and this is really more of a guideline than a recipe.

Farm Stand Stuffed Zucchini - make use of over gown zucchini by stuffing it with the best the season has to offer [Read more…]