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WW: Ducklings, Growing Up


I just switched over to wordpress so I apologize for anything wonky.

If you notice something *off* please let me know!

Ducklings are growing, they are almost as big as their Mama now!
These little guys are a constant source of amusement. They around the lawn in a big clump stopping to visit the garden, chill under the deck and run from the pasture to the water to the barn in dizzying loops.
Can I just say how much I love the fact that I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with raising these guys? Mama ducks are awesome

WW: Duckling update

Mamma and her 12 littles. 
We lost 2 ducklings the same day we gained 4 turkeys.
Barnyard math is almost always bittersweet

WW: Hatching Duckling (6/90)

I [tried] to take a series of pictures of a duck hatching, but the lighting sucked and they move a lot. Funny how you can’t control baby beasts!

 The part of hatching that takes the longest is from the initial ‘pip’ to when they break the shell all the way around. After than it goes pretty quickly. There is a lot of flailing and some nasty looking membranes. All six of these eggs hatched and they were moved out to the barn earlier this week. If all goes well we should have some turkeys hatching next week and we needed the tub.

All dried off

Summer Blog Challenge – Nicknames:

Beans – My dad’s parents sometimes me that because I used to play with a jar of beans

Rosie – My dad’s father calls me that because my middle name is Rose

Quack – Long story but that’s what Mike calls me (it’s a reference to ducks)

WW: Around the Garden

It’s been a busy week so far (but when isn’t it?) so here are some old garden updates I never got around to posting

The two mullberry trees (here when we moved in!) are covered in little spiky baby mulberies

Concord grape vine seems unaffected by my heavy pruning, lets hope we get the fruit before the chickens do!

The new currant bushes have a few flowers here and there. I’m making some deer-deterring cages later this week and I’ll be sharing them soon.

Make sure you stop back tomorrow! Party goes live at 4 pm EST

WW: Cows on the Lawn

I like to help people out, so here you go:

Next time you do something that makes your significant other ask what the heck you were thinking, all you need to do is say:

At least I didn’t put cows on our lawn.

In my defense, most of the fence was already there when we moved in.
AND it’s really overgrown.
AND it’s to wet to mow.
AND gas is expensive.
AND I’m terrified of our lawn mower

Really. It was the right thing to do