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T-Post Trellis


I went over board on the vines this year and I ran out of places to grow them. I was really excited to try my hand at the black eyed Susan vine, they just look so happy! I was going to pound a 2*2 into the ground a make a twine teepee but after sticking the post in I just wasn’t into it. After a few searches on pinterest I found a really cool looking twine and twig hanging trellis. There were a few problems with that though, I had no where to hang it and it gets really, really windy here. I can just see my gorgeous black eyed Susan vine finally blooming only to be ripped from the ground by a strong wind.

Give your climbing plants a hand with this budget friendly t-post trellis. T-posts, zip ties and branches come together to make a charming garden accent

I spent way to much time thinking about it while I was mowing the garden and when I was moving last years tomato supports it finally it me. Two t-posts, a sapling murder spree and a bag of zip ties later I was in business. I used poplar saplings because we have a whole grove of them, they produce new trees by suckering so if you have one in a neglected area (like the wood lot to the side of the house) you’ll very soon have more than one. Poplar is a very short lived wood but I hope I can get a year or two from this guy. The wood never touches the ground so that should buy me some time. [Read more…]

Food Safe Wood Conditioning Cream


Protect your wooden cutting boards, bowls and spoon with food safe DIY wood conditioning cream
I’ve been noticing my wooden spoons getting sadder and sadder. We don’t run them through the dishwasher, which can do some serious damage to wood, but eventually hand washing will take it’s toll. I’d seen quite a few wood conditioning creams online (ok, on Pinterest) but they all required mineral oil. I’m not sure about you but mineral oil in not on my list of things to eat more off this year.  [Read more…]

DIY Wooden Crate Centerpiece


Experiment with layering wood stain, paint and wax with this DIY Wooden Crate. The final product is perfect for the Thanksgiving TableA few years ago I developed an unheard of obsession with painting things mustard yellow. When I saw that DecoArt had released a line of chalky finish paint and it came in a mustardy yellow color I was perhaps a bit too happy. Luckily they were nice enough to send me a jar of it along with a few other goodies to whip up this DIY Wooden Crate ready to take center stage on your Thanksgiving table.

Decoart [Read more…]

Halloween Window Sign


I adore the movie Hocus Pocus. Someday I’ll make the Winifred Sanderson costume I’ve been planning for years. Until that day I’ll have to be happy with this Halloween window sign I whipped up for hanging next to the front door.

Craft your own Halloween window sign for the Sanderson Broom Co to welcome guests and ghouls

[Read more…]

Spider Web Victims


Have you set up your giant lawn spiderweb?

Add some spider snacks to your spooky Halloween decorations with this easy DIY project perfect for jigsaw beginners
If not there is still time, we just put ours up last night. This year I moved the web to a tree on the side of the house closer to the wooded area. I leave for work at 6 am and I was constantly giving myself panic attacks seeing the spider web. I’ve also decided to go in a different direction with the entry way this year but that’s for another day. [Read more…]