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Kitchen Love Subway Art Sign


Our walls are looking pretty sad these days so when we took down the slap-dash DVD shelves to paint the nursery I saved the boards to make something pretty. The kitchen was first on the list and with Valentine’s Day coming up fast this seemed like the perfect time to make some food related subway art.

Kitchen Love Subway Art - Quirky & #Romantic Subway Art Perfect For #Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day Word Searches


I just found out that it’s almost February. If you happen to be in the same boat (apparently the boat lacking a calender!) consider this a friendly public service announcement. It’s almost February! And that means Valentine’s Day, which makes all the pink and red hearts taking over Pinterest make a lot more sense. Just for fun I put together two sweet Valentine’s Day word finds for you:

Free Kids Valentine's Word Find

Free Printable Difficult Valentine's Day Word Find

Feel free to download and print as many as you would like, please do not sell or otherwise profit from my work. If you like the word searches I’d love to know! Leave me a comment here or on Facebook if you have any special requests!

I have thought about putting up either blank versions with only the word search and no pictures or black and white versions to save on ink but since no one has complained I haven’t bothered to do so. This is your chance! Speak now!

The Valentines [Faux] Mantle

Here it is!

I’ve gotten so much love for my banner and sign that I couldn’t wait to show you the rest! I love the milk glass candy dish. It’s all square and hobnail-y. Of course my bottle of pearls. First show cased in my Untwistable Necklace DIY tutorial, I got a few laughs out of it being pinned almost as much as the necklace!

I’m so proud of this because:
A. The only thing I bought new was the Giant Picture Frame (because it was on clearance at HobLob! I seriously spent 30 minutes starting at spray paint because I’m an addict and then I realized the color I picked what THE COLOR THE FRAME ALREADY WAS. Like I said. Addict). 
B. The rest of the stuff was either made by me (from my stash) or stolen from somewhere else in my house
C. It’s not even Valentine’s Day and I finished it!
This is the more romantic side. Candles and flowers. I’ve got 4 matching ‘milk glass’ vases that I use EVERYWHERE. I stuffed some white candles in and wrapped them all up in twine (it’s a sickness people)
I made the tiny pillow after I found (and then lost..) an awesome tutorial for yarn couching. The little red heart is actually stuffed! The framed ‘art’ is representing my boy and I. I’m the duck for those of you that are interested. I cut the shapes with my Slice. The heart is stuck on with some foam double sided tape so you get that nice shadow effect. I bought the frame last summer at a garage sale. It used to be plain black. I dry brushed it with some white and hot glued the twine around the edges. 
Twine Addicts Anonymous should meet following Spray Painters Anonymous….
Weekend Bloggy Reading

Valentine’s Banner


Remember this guy?
I finally finished (and photographed!) the rest of that project. 
I’ll be honest. This was a hard project for me. It’s different than anything else I’ve done. I’m still not 100% on it. I think it needs more, but it’s a bit out of my realm and I’m just not sure. I’m going to live with it for a while before I make anymore changes. 

This one’s missing a flower, just noticed that! Bet the dog ate it. He eats everything else.


Gandhi Sign

 I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day. It’s not a holiday I care a lot about. 
I think life is too short to celebrate love on one day. I love Mike everyday, I (hope I) don’t wait until February 14th to show that. 
Seeing all the V-day stuff on Pinterest and on the linky parties has worn me down. (Yes Mom, if all the kids on Pinterest jumped off a bridge I would probably, eventually get around to it after pinning it, of course). And I was pretty bored with the Winter Wonderland Mantle. Still haven’t had more than a good 14 days with legit snow on the ground so it seemed out of place in the house.

I started out with a scribbled drawing of the buffet and shelf. It includes several projects you’ll see over the few days and some other stuff you might recognize from other set ups. 
My plan is to go over board for V-day and then after the 14th I’ll remove the pink and hearts and be left with a less busy, easy to live with and cat proof (Ok that last parts a joke).
The sign is made from an old board Mike grabbed from his mothers garage. The spot in the middle looks less like an oil spot and more like a knot in real life. I used my slice to make letter stencils and went letter by letter with white and gold paint. The important words “Love” and “Life” are mostly gold. I sanded over it a bit but it didn’t make much difference and the stenciling was pretty messy so its not all that perfect anyway. The original quote is from Gandhi.
In it’s current home. Think of this as a mini peak into the final display! 
I love my orange wall.