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X-acto Knife Cork Stamps

I was pretty late signing up for the A-Z craft month so pickings were slim when it came to letter options. I happened to have an x-acto knife on my desk at the time so I snapped up the ‘X’ spot with little to no idea of a project. I discovered a huge bag of wine corks in my craft room and that’s when this idea was born.

Carve custom #stamps from old wine #corks

Side note: a few weeks ago I sliced my finger open with a dull x-acto knife and ended up in the ER for some fancy super glue. Let me be your cautionary tale, don’t be stupid with these things! They can be dangerous! [Read more...]

Barn Wood Lantern

I spent most of my 4th of July vacation on the couch surfing pinterest. It wasn’t that I intended to be super lazy, but it was really hot and whenever I tried to work in the garden I got dizzy and had to lay down. Eventually I gave in and enjoyed some quality time with my new couches, the cat and my laptop. I also watched Ax Men and cried when the Swamp Man swam with alligators at night to get money to take his dog to the vet and then CARRIED him 5 miles in the Louisiana summertime to the vet and back. But that has nothing to do with this post. Barn Wood Luminary


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3 Leaf Clover Zipper Pin Tutorial

I’m a little bit Irish (I like to joke that I’m a mix of everything that sunburns) so I wanted to make a little something to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a simple folding/twisting pattern loosely based on the cloverleaf  (the basic pattern used for barrel racing). You can’t do a true clover leaf or your zipper gets twisted up. St. Patrick's Day Pin

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Road Kill Rescue – The Buffet

A month or so ago I was driving home from work and saw a buffet on the side of the road. It looked sad. Unfortunately there was no way it would fit in my Honda. So I had to wait until Mike got home and then did some sweet talking.Fast forward to midnight, in the rain, (possibly in pajamas) with a flashlight, on the side of the road.
We managed to get it in the back for his truck and then home.

She was pretty rough looking. The rain had done it’s best to damage the buffet. The veneer was bubbly, large pieces were peeling off. There were no knobs on the drawers. The trim on the back was barely attached. She was missing a wheel and the drawers didn’t close.


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Stars and Stripes – The AmeriCows

Happy 4th of July everyone!
I’d like to introduce you to the Americows  (America + Cows = AmeriCows).

These two lovely ladies were offered to me by a friend who felt I could give them a second life. Of course I wanted them. Who wouldn’t want wooden cow cutouts?! (You? Ok, I can accept that, but only if you agree to send me any and all cow cutouts you are offered)

*Update: There seems to be confusion about the size of the cows, they are only about 8 inches tall.

They have been kicking around the craft room for a few months a little while. I had originally planned to paint them and hang them outside on the barn somewhere around the barn quilt. I’ll be honest, they lacked vision. They wanted more than just a coat of paint.

They wanted personality.

So when I saw this Patriotic Rooster:

(First I fell in love) then I had my A-HA moment.

First I glued the leg back on the black cow (she had a boo-boo) and pried the hanger off the back of the white cow so the back could be the front. Then they each got one solid coat of paint. The right facing cow is Valspar La Fonda Deep Blue, the left facing cow is apple barrel white acrylic.

I cut a slightly wonky star out with my Slice on paper and used it as a stencil for the stars. The white is more apple barrel acrylic, I more or less dry brushed it.

The stripes are intentionally wavy, I free handed them with a small brush with Valspar Fairmount Penthouse Garnet. For those of you keeping track this is the THIRD project I’ve used these little jars for and I still have more than half left in each jar. I wasn’t paying attention as I worked and ended up with 14 stripes, oh well!

These ladies are destined to live on a shelf I haven’t put up yet. I’ll be curating their environment and getting up new pictures asap!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you tomorrow for the party!

Summer Blog Challenge:

July 3rd: No big plans for summer travel, possibly a short trip to a water park or two with the family