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Black Raspberry Vanilla Fool

Fools aren’t very common in America (at least the dessert type) but they are in England. Or atleast that’s what the internet would have be believe. They are often made with tart goose berries (another thing we don’t have a lot of) and require a lot of sugar to make them sweet.  I decided to revamp the dessert with something I have a TON of, black raspberries. It isn’t really sweet made with this recipe but you can always add more sugar of that’s your thing.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Fool - Fruity Whipped Cream Dessert
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Dip-dyed Americana Banner

A week or so ago I shared the birdhouse that I dyed along with hints of a mystery project (ooooooooo!), well it’s a mystery no more. I was dying a muslin Americana banner to hang in my living room.

Dip Dyed American Banner with Liquid Fabric Dye

I know the fourth of July is basically tomorrow, but this is a great project for all summer long (how else do you decorate in the summer if not overtly patriotic? My husband would lock me up if I started digging out the pumpkins now) [Read more...]

Summer Sun Hat Wreath

Summer Hat "Wreath" - Brighten up your porch with big bows and big flowers Spring seems to be the time for wreath making in my world, I made a grapevine wreath with ribbon rosettes and a burlap pinwheel wreath in previous years. Our front door gets a lot of direct afternoon sun so nothing lasts longer than a year without extreme bleaching.

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Patriotic Burlap Pinwheel Wreath

It’s time to dress up your front door just in time for Flag Day!

4th of July Wreath #Burlap #DIY

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Summer Word Searches

Something for the kiddies! (or my fellow 20-somethings that enjoy word finds)

Check out the Google Docs for printable PDF versions

Google Docs:
Summer Fun Word Search and Olympic Games Word Search