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Free & Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzle with Key


Free & Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzle with Answer Key


It’s Halloween and time for more puzzles! This is my first attempt at a crossword puzzle and the key is a little wonky but it’s readable so that’s what counts. Please feel free to download and print as many copies as you need for you kids, class or group activity. All I ask is that if you share this puzzle you do so through this page via direct link, facebook or pinterest. Please do not sell or bundle this item for sale because it’s not nice to anyone or fair to me. [Read more…]

Summer Word Searches

Something for the kiddies! (or my fellow 20-somethings that enjoy word finds)

Check out the Google Docs for printable PDF versions

Google Docs:
Summer Fun Word Search and Olympic Games Word Search

Free Christmas Word Search – Printable

So the kids are out of school and I’m sure you need some quiet time.
Or any time. Christmas is basically tomorrow (guess who hasn’t wrapped a single gift? Yeah, that’d be me) and if you’re all set feel free to stop by, I have lots of things you can do. You could guard my ‘tree skirt’ (actually just a giant piece of fleece from my stash) from The Puppy. He is absolutely certain it belongs in the kitchen.
Back to quite time! One thing I miss from being a kid? Word searches.  I love me some themed word searches. I’ve been known to do them on restaurant place mats in crayon. So I made some for you! I made two versions
A generic Christmas Version:
And a religious version:

Feel free to print as many as you want.
You can download them here (it’s a single 2 page PDF).
Or email me @ and I can send you the PDF.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Let me know if you like these (in the comments) and I’ll post more!

If you want to create your own word searches I used this site