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Inspiration Organization

How often are you inspired?
Everyday I see at least 20 things that make me stop and say “Hey! I love this but if I did A instead of B I could use it for C!” and let me tell you, I’ve got some awesome ideas! But sadly they go as easily as they come. If I don’t write it down (ok, scribble) immediately it either goes poof or get so stuck in my head that I can’t think about anything else.

I’ve got so many notebooks hanging around. I must have some type of phobia about them though. I can’t bring my self to start scribbling in a brand new notebook. I write on scrap paper all the time but I need a way to organize the pieces.

A quick trip to Staples and I came up with this:

It’s like a real life Pinterest!

I bought a bunch of memo-sized clip boards (6×9) for $2 each. I spray painted each one with aqua paint from the stash and let it dry. I cut out three lace patterns from contact paper with my silhouette. I adhered them over the aqua, blocked off the top and spray painted them with green chalkboard paint.

After letting the paint cure for 24 hours I rubbed chalk dust over the green and labeled each board, I love that you can switch out the label whenever you want.

I used three Command strips to hang them on the door. I hot glued a piece of felt to the bottom of each board so they don’t slam against the door when it shuts. As you can see about I cut them out really carefully. If you had foam stickers or adhesive backed felt it would also work.

In case you’re curious about my scribbling these are two examples. I usually draw something and write a whole lot of random stuff, usually accompanied by a list of supplies and/or methods. I’ve got 3 more clip boards so I might be adding another row if this method works out for me.

Thrifted Teacup Pincushion

I’ve had this teacup/coffee mug for a while. It’s a Salvo find from a friend.
There is only one and it has a small rust spot in the bottom.
It’s been kicking around the craft room for a while, usually holding some fabric scraps or trim.
I’ve been on a craft purge and anything that doesn’t serve a purpose gets the ax.So I gave it a purpose


These are probably 100 variations on this but I’ll share my method anyway.

You need:
-Rubber Band
Cut the fabric larger than you think you need.
Pack the mug with stuffing.
It won’t stay without the fabric but you’ll get a general idea of how much you need.
Wrap the stuffing up in the fabric. Try to get it circular, tug on the fabric until you’re happy.
Secure with a rubber band.
Pop it in the mug and you’re good to go!


Free Address Labels in Books

When you have a lot of these:

It can be hard to keep track of them (the books, not the shelves). My Aunt has a great solution.

You know those address labels you often receive as a “free gift”?
I just got a new sheet from Better Homes and Gardens to entice me to renew my subscription for the low price of way too much (Amazon regularly offers 1 year subscriptions for $5).

I got rid of the offer but kept the stickers.

Put one address sticker in each book. I usually put them on the inside cover even though some have a line to write your name in. It’s easier to find and looks neater than scribbling with a pen

This is really helpful if you loan your books to others (or if you borrow books from friends and don’t remember if the book is yours or someone elses!). It’s also handy if you leave the book somewhere like at work.
Yesterday’s SBC was to post a tutorial. Puppy madness ensued and I didn’t get to take pictures until this morning. 
The boys are settling into a pattern so it’s getting easier.
The biggest problem is Alfie gets too rough and Bandit can’t play like that. 
We’ve finally got him back to walking on all 4 legs though, so that’s something!

New Use for Old Photo Album

Hi! I’ll start off with some good news. After almost a week missing, my turkey came back!
He’s a happy boy

In other news I’ve apparently lost my mind.
If I disappear this month I’m most likely hiding under a rock, just let me be please!

Saturday Mike and I made the trek to Miller Nursery to get 10 fruit trees and some other various fruity things.
Sunday we replaced all of the electric fence (in the rain) in an effort to keep Sophia in the pasture.
Tomorrow I’m getting 10 guinea keets.

Sometime this month I’m getting the potatoes and shallots I ordered back in February.
And the asparagus, sweet potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes.
All that had to go in the ground plus the cole crops I started from seed.
Did I mention we haven’t put in all the garden beds yet?

On top of all that I’ve got the regular chores with the barn.
And it’s time to get the turkey eggs in the incubator.
I’ve also got 2 ducks sitting on eggs and one chicken in the Witness Protection Program (we use our old chicken coop as a shelter for injured birds or as temporary housing for new babies) with a serious wound on her side.

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

But I bet you’re here for the new use for an old photo album right?

As you may know, we moved in last July. The landscaping was iffy to say the least.
So I’ve been buying plants here and there (I have a soft spot for clearance perennials) and trying to tuck them into a nice spot.

Problem is I buy a lot of really random things.
So I keep the tags for every plant, thinking if something is really awesome or survives really well I might want to go back for it. Unfortunately those tags end up ALL OVER the place.

Luckily a 4×6 photo album is the perfect size to keep them all together!
I write on the tags with a sharpie, some plants have 2 tags (oooh! fancy) and you can easily shove them in together. Great for gardener OCD!

Slow Start to Organization

This could also be called most embarrassingly simple tutorial ever. 
You see, I really like the idea of organization… But I really struggle with maintaining it. It’s not un-similar to crash dieting. I’m a crash organizer, I’ll get everything really, really organized but then… time… projects… stuff… It comes creeping back. I have no excuse now, I have a 3 bedroom house with 1,000 closets. I should be organized! One thing I do love obsessivley is sticky notes. Oh sticky notes! How I love thee. But I lose them, a lot. Hence this tutorial:
You need:

        • Glue gun
        • Sticky notes
        • Magnets, I have a giant stip of magnet attatched to my fridge 
        • (No idea where it came from, but it’s there)

See where this is going?
Glue the magnets to the back side of the sticky notes. I used two strips so it would stick really well. I wanted to be able to remove a sticky note with one hand without knocking the whole pad down. 
See how happy Betty is? She loves free organization projects.
I love this magnet! Get it? A Salt? Assault! I had to explain it to my mom… These are my ‘sticky notes on the go’. The magnetic chalk board it right when you walk into the house. It’s great for last minute reminders. Stops conversation like this “Hmmm.. I’ve been in the grocery store for 16 hours, I wish I could remember what I wrote on the chalkboard…”
Two more fun magnets (to make your visit worthwhile):

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