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Fourth of July Faux Mantle

Are you sick of my rustic, country chic Americana yet? No?

Awesome! Cause I’ve got another round for you!

I re-fanicificated the newly painted bookshelf for the upcoming holiday. You might recognize the Firecrackers and the 1776 embroidery from earlier in the week.
The newest projects are the woven burlap runner and the picture frame twine star. 
For the runner:
A piece of burlap for the base, a scrap of woven fabric, a safety pin and scissors.
Rip the fabric into strips. I used 3 strips about 3/4 in wide. 
Decide where you want the strips and pull out the burlap threads. Using the safety pin weave the strips through the burlap. I went over 10 and under 5 for the middle round and eyeballed similar spacing for the outside strips
Come back Sunday for a tutorial on the picture frame star!

Summer Blog Challenge:

Day 20:
Day 21: Recent words of wisdom: “Even if it breaks your heart” 
It’s my new motto. Kinda like Nike, Just Go For It
Day 22: When I was a kid I wanted to be a vet. Or a fashion designer. Or an artist. Or an equine massage therapist. 
I wanted to be a lot but there was always a theme of creativity and love of animals. 
I guess not much has changed :-)

The Valentines [Faux] Mantle

Here it is!

I’ve gotten so much love for my banner and sign that I couldn’t wait to show you the rest! I love the milk glass candy dish. It’s all square and hobnail-y. Of course my bottle of pearls. First show cased in my Untwistable Necklace DIY tutorial, I got a few laughs out of it being pinned almost as much as the necklace!
I’m so proud of this because:
A. The only thing I bought new was the Giant Picture Frame (because it was on clearance at HobLob! I seriously spent 30 minutes starting at spray paint because I’m an addict and then I realized the color I picked what THE COLOR THE FRAME ALREADY WAS. Like I said. Addict). 
B. The rest of the stuff was either made by me (from my stash) or stolen from somewhere else in my house
C. It’s not even Valentine’s Day and I finished it!
This is the more romantic side. Candles and flowers. I’ve got 4 matching ‘milk glass’ vases that I use EVERYWHERE. I stuffed some white candles in and wrapped them all up in twine (it’s a sickness people)
I made the tiny pillow after I found (and then lost..) an awesome tutorial for yarn couching. The little red heart is actually stuffed! The framed ‘art’ is representing my boy and I. I’m the duck for those of you that are interested. I cut the shapes with my Slice. The heart is stuck on with some foam double sided tape so you get that nice shadow effect. I bought the frame last summer at a garage sale. It used to be plain black. I dry brushed it with some white and hot glued the twine around the edges. 
Twine Addicts Anonymous should meet following Spray Painters Anonymous….
Weekend Bloggy Reading

Snowball Garland

I wasn’t going to share pictures of my faux-mantle/buffet until the end of this, big reveal and all that… But I love it so much I can’t wait to share! It features several projects I’ll be sharing this week including today’s.Be Warned! Really Picture Heavy!

Snowball Garlands
Cute right? I actually made these last year and hung them across the windows to make a ‘snow storm’. Now that we’re in the new house I knew immediately where they would go. As you can see, I have an orange wall. Two orange walls to be exact (Yes I picked the color, No it didn’t come with the house, Yes I love it). My dining room theme this year is Winter Wonderland, like the song. Full of little houses, woodland critters and snowy goodness.


To make the garlands:
Make pompoms out of white yarn. I used the pom-pom makers from clover to make mine. I used three different sizes, adds to the snowy appearance.Sew or glue the pom-poms to silver ribbon. Make a loop at the top of the ribbon. Use the loop to hang from the curtain rods by an ornament hook.To keep the garlands hanging on the shelf I safety pinned them to a strip of felt and put the felt on the shelf. The ones hanging off the sides kept the whole thing from flying off the shelf.


Halloween Tour: Buffet

Update : Added better pictures of the mini-quilt

When you have an orange wall it’s easy to decorate for Halloween. Christmas? We’ll see.

There is so much going on in this one place that I’ll stick with the buffet and do the rest later. The buffet itself came from Salvo (Salvation Army to those not in the know). It was $45 and scuffed up brown with dirty hardware. Four cans of Valspar Almond later it was starting to come together. Slap on some Hammered Copper (my obsession) on the hardware and we’re good to go.
Here’s the fun part. Everything on the buffet either came from a garage sale, a relative, FREE or I made it. The entire set up cost less than $10. 
This is actually on my dining room table, not the buffet (I cheat)
My favorite

I did the embroidery at work, I had a coupon so the designs were $1 each. The fabric was all scraps from work, I believe the dark brown is organic espresso (ooooh!), the orange and off white are denim.
As you can see I jumped right on TWO bandwagons this year.
I’ve been seeing stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorials everywhere. I think I saw this one but I didn’t really follow her steps. I used remnants of quilt-weight cotton and yarn for the pumpkins and rolled up pieces of upholstery fabric (from the TV stand cover) for the stems.  I didn’t measure at all. That’s how I work. See something, do it my way. I think mine turned out pretty cute.

And the dead tree. I showed pictures of people with dead trees in their homes to my boyfriend. He told me no. So I did it when he was gone. I did use a smaller dead tree than planned. I needed the height to connect the buffet and shelf mantle. Right now I really like it bare but I might add a simple garland or some ghosts. Ideas? The crock was 75 cents and it’s filled with rocks I didn’t use for the fish tank.
I can not get a decent picture of the cloche to save my life. It’s actually a cheese platter from my boys grandma. It’s covering turkey S&P shakers. When you raise turkeys people buy you fake turkeys.

The right side. I got the candle sticks for $1 (for all 3!). I hate the color but it’s low on the list of crap to do at this point. The milk glass dishes both came from garage sales as well as the silver dish.

The plate in the center is a white turkey that came from a garage sale for a dollar (see a pattern here?). Any one else notice my cat slinking in to all these pictures?

The Shelf
The house where I grew up had an amazing huge fireplace with stone mantle. I miss it. The only thing I really don’t like about my house is the lack of fireplace (and the color of the bathroom but I can easily change that). The shelf was $25-ish at Lowes. This part of the display was more costly than the buffet part.

This is blurry but it shows the color of the wall better. I really like the shadows from the bat garland.

The lantern on the left is from Michaels. The little turkey dish, his name is Wilfredo, from Joanns. More of my little pumpkins and the Chicken. He doesn’t have a name, any ideas? He came from a garage sale. He was pink. I like this much better, don’t you?

I’m in love with these little crows from Michael’s. My cat loves to stalk them so I can only put them up high. The candle holder is from Pier 1, got in on clearance last year.

This little guy is on the wall next to the buffet. The shelf is from Hobby Lobby, it was $2.50 with chipping black paint. Guess what color it is. Go on. Guess! Yeah, the old stand by Hammered Copper. In another life I was a belly dancer and this is one of my genie lamps. The spiders were a gift from the boy (ain’t love grand?)

Hope you enjoy part 2!
Did you miss Part One? 

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