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Floor Length Burlap Curtains for $7.50 a Panel

Burlap curtains might be all over the place, and maybe I’m late to the party but I’ve had these hanging in my living room for a few months and I’m finally getting around to posting a how-to! I’ve seen a lot of methods but nothing quite like mine.
DIY Burlap Curtains
It’s as basic as you can get, you only sew one seam for each panel. Of course this does leave you with 1 raw edge and 2 floor to ceiling selvedges. I love it, it’s not overly polished and it fits in a casual space. They let the light in while blocking the living room from the street. The ribbon along to top adds a subtle blush of color and some strength to the burlap where it’s clipped. [Read more…]

Road Kill Rescue – The Buffet

A month or so ago I was driving home from work and saw a buffet on the side of the road. It looked sad. Unfortunately there was no way it would fit in my Honda. So I had to wait until Mike got home and then did some sweet talking.Fast forward to midnight, in the rain, (possibly in pajamas) with a flashlight, on the side of the road.
We managed to get it in the back for his truck and then home.

She was pretty rough looking. The rain had done it’s best to damage the buffet. The veneer was bubbly, large pieces were peeling off. There were no knobs on the drawers. The trim on the back was barely attached. She was missing a wheel and the drawers didn’t close.


[Read more…]

Fourth of July Faux Mantle

Are you sick of my rustic, country chic Americana yet? No?

Awesome! Cause I’ve got another round for you!

I re-fanicificated the newly painted bookshelf for the upcoming holiday. You might recognize the Firecrackers and the 1776 embroidery from earlier in the week.
The newest projects are the woven burlap runner and the picture frame twine star. 
For the runner:
A piece of burlap for the base, a scrap of woven fabric, a safety pin and scissors.
Rip the fabric into strips. I used 3 strips about 3/4 in wide. 
Decide where you want the strips and pull out the burlap threads. Using the safety pin weave the strips through the burlap. I went over 10 and under 5 for the middle round and eyeballed similar spacing for the outside strips
Come back Sunday for a tutorial on the picture frame star!

Summer Blog Challenge:

Day 20:
Day 21: Recent words of wisdom: “Even if it breaks your heart” 
It’s my new motto. Kinda like Nike, Just Go For It
Day 22: When I was a kid I wanted to be a vet. Or a fashion designer. Or an artist. Or an equine massage therapist. 
I wanted to be a lot but there was always a theme of creativity and love of animals. 
I guess not much has changed 🙂

I’m Bringin’ Doily Back!

(kinda like bringin’ sexy back, but more lacy)
I finally got around to painting my other bookshelf!

I used Beeswax by Valspar and Mark Twain House Grey Brick on the inside.
I love the DIY chalk paint method. The laminate coating on these bookshelves left me with few options. I this time I added more plaster of paris, it was like pudding! But it sanded out smoothly. Unlike my last DIY chalkpaint bookshelf I spray glued the fabric down to the shelves for a smoother look (no lace either!).

For those of you who have managed to forget what my book case used to look like:

Ugh back to the new:

I’m a book lover through and through, not that you can tell by looking at my house… ha!
The chicken bookends came from Kirklands (Christmas gift from my sister).  The milk crock was on my moms counter longer than I could remember, when she went to throw it out I screamed really loudly snagged it.

And yes. I’m bringing back the doily.

Everything on top was either gifted or thrifted! How cute is that strawberry milk glass dish? My newest acquisitions are the two embroidered birds.

I’ve got lots of embroidery in my house (you work with embroidery machines and see how much you bring home!) but it’s all done by machine. I love the detail on these hand embroidered birds. And I had no choice but to snap them up for 50 cents each!

My other bookshelf also got some doily love:

Do you see it? (and yes I’m still waiting for my milk glass chicken dish! tomorrow!)

Mr. Rooster approves.

You can even decorate your dog with one.

Bookshelf Revamp

I’ve yet to hit the garage-sale-furniture-lottery. So instead I’ve had to make do with what I’ve collected over the years. Unfortunately most of it’s either really old (true story, my couch is older than me!) or just cheap, like laminate book shelves I’ve had since high school.

Keeping it classy with the decorative tissue box

This is one of those bookcases. You can see I’m keeping it classy with the decorative tissue box

This was my first attempt at DIY chalk paint. I used a $2.50 oops jar from lowes and plaster of paris (I had a giant container left from making kill jars in college, strange but true)

I’ve gotta say, I’ve never been a mustard person, but I really like this. The paint went on really easily, but I managed to scrape off quite a bit trying to get the shelves in. Luckily I had enough left to touch it up. I used about 1/2 a quart.

I painted the tops of the shelves then put them in upside down (the bottom are nasty looking pressed wood) and covered them with a home dec-remanant I picked up a while back. The lace is from my stash, it was the boys grandmothers. I have a ton of cookbooks (this isn’t 1/2!) and these are my faves, so it’s nice to display them.

I picked up this lamp over the summer for $1 (I then lost it in the craft room for about 3 months). It was flat black so I have it a few coats of valspar Almond. The framed ‘print’ is actually embroidery, it’s pinned into the frame without glass so the texture shows in real life. There is a sadly empty spot waiting for my birthday gift. I’ve asked the boy for a milk-glass chicken dish (his response: Great! What does that mean?) and this is where she’ll got. Birthdays not until May so I might find something in the mean time….

I love the bright colors! They really open up the room (this is the one without any direct sunlight!) and I can’t wait to finish the curtains to show you all!