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Primitive Autumn Birdcage Vignette


#Autumn Birdcage Vignette #DIY

  • A birdcage, I picked this one up on clearance this spring from Michael’s it opens from the top so it’s easy to fill
  • A pile of sphagnum moss ($ store)
  • 2 wooden bird cutouts, I picked up mine for less than $1 at Hobby Lobby
  • Black craft paint and brush
  • Wine corks
  • Small fake pumpkin
  • Exacto/sharp knife OR hot glue
  • 2 small bunches of fake berries (with the wreath picks at Hobby Lobby)
  • Wire cutters

This is basically just a pretty pile of stuff but since that would be a terrible blog post I’ll explain a little better. [Read more…]

Barn Wood Lantern


I spent most of my 4th of July vacation on the couch surfing pinterest. It wasn’t that I intended to be super lazy, but it was really hot and whenever I tried to work in the garden I got dizzy and had to lay down. Eventually I gave in and enjoyed some quality time with my new couches, the cat and my laptop. I also watched Ax Men and cried when the Swamp Man swam with alligators at night to get money to take his dog to the vet and then CARRIED him 5 miles in the Louisiana summertime to the vet and back. But that has nothing to do with this post.Barn Wood Luminary


[Read more…]

Give Your Flowers a Boost


I L-O-V-E having cut flowers in the house.
In the spring I’ve always got daffodils, tulips and lilacs in the house.
If  I don’t pick them, the ducks will eat them!
So I pick them.


But it doesn’t always work out for me:

Sometimes the stems break off too short and it’s not a good look.
I set out to solve my problem and I thought I’d share.

 All you need is a stick (I’d imagine a straw would work really well) and some string.

You can buy flower picks that are basically wire attached to sticks.
But I like the more-or-less free DIY versio.
Make sure you add enough water to reach the stem.

Like the new spring colors? The buffet is almost done and I’ll be sharing ASAP

Bookshelf Revamp

I’ve yet to hit the garage-sale-furniture-lottery. So instead I’ve had to make do with what I’ve collected over the years. Unfortunately most of it’s either really old (true story, my couch is older than me!) or just cheap, like laminate book shelves I’ve had since high school.

Keeping it classy with the decorative tissue box

This is one of those bookcases. You can see I’m keeping it classy with the decorative tissue box

This was my first attempt at DIY chalk paint. I used a $2.50 oops jar from lowes and plaster of paris (I had a giant container left from making kill jars in college, strange but true)

I’ve gotta say, I’ve never been a mustard person, but I really like this. The paint went on really easily, but I managed to scrape off quite a bit trying to get the shelves in. Luckily I had enough left to touch it up. I used about 1/2 a quart.

I painted the tops of the shelves then put them in upside down (the bottom are nasty looking pressed wood) and covered them with a home dec-remanant I picked up a while back. The lace is from my stash, it was the boys grandmothers. I have a ton of cookbooks (this isn’t 1/2!) and these are my faves, so it’s nice to display them.

I picked up this lamp over the summer for $1 (I then lost it in the craft room for about 3 months). It was flat black so I have it a few coats of valspar Almond. The framed ‘print’ is actually embroidery, it’s pinned into the frame without glass so the texture shows in real life. There is a sadly empty spot waiting for my birthday gift. I’ve asked the boy for a milk-glass chicken dish (his response: Great! What does that mean?) and this is where she’ll got. Birthdays not until May so I might find something in the mean time….

I love the bright colors! They really open up the room (this is the one without any direct sunlight!) and I can’t wait to finish the curtains to show you all!

Winter Branches – I paint and so can you!

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I used to paint a lot back in the day. Then I graduated from high school. It was never something I set out to stop doing, but like many things it was put on the back burner and eventually placed in a cool-whip tub wayyyyy back in the fridge and forgotten about; or at least ignored for fear of terrible smells. I kept my paints, mostly because I am the craft poster child for hoarders. A few weeks about I saw a GIANT canvas (4 ft x 2 ft) for really cheap at Hobby Lobby. Gotta love their ridiculous sales. I’ve been in the market for some GIANT wall art so bought it. Or maybe I just bought it because this house won’t get it’s self on TV (don’t judge, I don’t really want to be on hoarders). 

Any way, this was supposed to be a tutorial but my original method didn’t work and my hands got covered in paint so I stopped picking up the camera. I know, I’m a terrible blogger.
I did the whole thing in one day, took about 4 hours, including drying time.

I started out with a whole lotta white, some deep blue, some cerulean blue and a tich of black for that steely grey winter sky look. I used acrylic paint that I had on hand, Americana and Apple Barrel brands. The dark blue and black are ‘gloss’ finishes but there isn’t enough of them to make it glossy, the finish is matte. 
Mix the white and light blue and start slapping it down, use the water to make the paint go farther. I didn’t want a really saturated blue. Add in some dark blue and a teeeeeeeny bit of black to add dimension. Use the water to make all the colors blend (one again, I’m a terrible blogger and can think of no better way to explain that). The colors should be subtle but not flat. 
Now comes the fun part. The trees. 
Start the tree by making some random lines. Really, don’t over think it.

Fill in the ‘trunk’ with a medium brown. Add shading with dark browns and highlight with mustard. Use water to thin the paint for blending. Remember that the trees start with few thick lines and branch out into many thin lines. Try to keep going up and out. Cross lines from time to time. Keep it random and natural looking. Step back every now and then, don’t get lost in the details.
The finished project. So what if my painting is bigger than my dining room table? Ignore the mess, I do. Alfie has turned into a confetti maker so I have shredded paper everywhere. 
Close up on the shading and branching.
He would sleep like this for hours if I’d let him.


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