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Mummy Vases – Dollar Store Crafting

I’ve got another quick project for you! Somehow I’m always rushing at the last minute, I work will under pressure I guess (it’s not like I didn’t know October was coming!).  I’ve had this idea in my head for months, I actually bought the vase back in early September!

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Sinister Serpent Wine Bottles – Halloween Quick Craft

I’ve got another creepy Halloween project, depending on your particular definition of spooky it may be more or less creepy than the Bleeding Blossoms I shared last year. It’s a great last minute thing if you’re in a crunch. My local Dollar Tree has these snakes all year round too, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them in the regular toy aisle (most of the Halloween stuff in my area is gone).

Sinister Serpent Last Minute Halloween Wine Bottle Decoration

All you need is a bottle of wine (wine optional if it’s just for decoration) and a dollar store plastic snake (make sure it curls into a circle). If you’re wondering it’s really weird buying a bottle of wine when you’re 8 months pregnant. I felt like I had to sneak AND explain to the the guy behind the counter that I wasn’t actually going to drink it, just take pictures of it! He looked at my like I was crazy, but it’s all in a days work for a blogger I guess.

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Halloween Cups – A Quick DIY

We had some friends over last night for a last minute Halloween/Birthday Party (my husbands birthday is Monday, he’ll be 33!). We threw together a pretty decent spread, but my camera went MIA so sadly no pictures of the set up. We served chilli (some of it was baked in pie pumpkins), corn bread and sausage bread.

I bought a pack of orange paper cups and a pack of googly eyes at the store and along with a hot glue gun and a sharpie I made these fun little guys:

Cute right? It took less than 20 minutes to do them all, there was a cyclops but that one went missing. After I ran out of cups I realized I hadn’t done a kitty, always next time right?

This is also great for smaller kids who might not recognize their names but will remember whether they had the pirate or spider cup.

You could also personalize them to match each child’s costume!

Spiderweb Votive Holder

Are you ready for Halloween? No? Me neither. But I do have another quick project for you!

I have a thing for spiders, you can probably tell by looking at my past projects including the very large lawn spiderwebs with giant spider warning signsembroidery hoop web art and hot glue spiderwebs.

You probably have most of the supplies floating around, if not everything is easy to find at Target, the dollar store or Grandmas.
You will need: glass vases (mine are from the dollar store), white yarn, hot glue gun and small fake spiders.

Tie a small knot in the end of the yarn, clip off the end and hot glue to the knot to the vase. Use a pencil to push the yarn into the glue without burning your self. Keep gluing and wrapping, eventually the yarn will stick to itself and you won’t need to glue every 4 inches. When you are finished stick the yarn in a blog of glue and once it’s hardened clip of the rest of the yarn.

Finish up by gluing on a few spiders. Add a fake tealight and you’re good to go with a creepy spider votive holder! They leave pretty cool shadows on the wall too.

If  you don’t love arachnids you could always add a pair of googly eyes instead and have a mummy candle holder.

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