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Mulberry Trees

When we moved in we were lucky enough to get a giant rhubarb patch, 5-ish grape vines and two mulberry trees. I was really excited about the first two, not so much with the mulberries. All I could think was “I guess I’ve got something to chase a weasel around…” After living with the two trees for a few summers I can confidently say they’ve won me over.

Fresh Mulberries

As it turns out the two trees are worth a lot more than their place in nursery rhymes suggest. Unfortunately they also have a few negatives, but in the long run I think they’re totally forgivable. Since we didn’t plant the trees I don’t know what type they are but I do know we get tons of purple/black fruit each summer.

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Black Raspberry Vanilla Fool

Fools aren’t very common in America (at least the dessert type) but they are in England. Or atleast that’s what the internet would have be believe. They are often made with tart goose berries (another thing we don’t have a lot of) and require a lot of sugar to make them sweet.  I decided to revamp the dessert with something I have a TON of, black raspberries. It isn’t really sweet made with this recipe but you can always add more sugar of that’s your thing.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Fool - Fruity Whipped Cream Dessert
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I’ve got a challenge for you! This summer I want everyone who reads this (even those who don’t) to grow something edible and eat it. A pot of basil, a bed of greens, a row of corn, even a hanging basket of nasturtiums (pretty and tasty!). It’s up to you but now the shovel is in your court! [Read more...]

Grow Gourmet: Tondo Scuro Di Piacenza Squash

Part of the fun of growing your own food is picking different varieties to grow. Summer squash is a beautiful example. There is so much more out there than the basic green zucchini! Check out these little gems:

8 ball type summer squash

 [pinit count="horizontal"]

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A Fruity Update

Despite my dogs best efforts my fig tree has begun to flourish! I planted it back in March and shared my adventures in Fig Planting. It’ planted in the rhubarb bed that I tried my best to disperse (but failed). I dug out four huge plants but ran out of room and couldn’t find unsuspecting people anyone to give some too. So the fig tree has been fighting off the rhubarb. I’ve been helping by pulling all the stalks that cover the leaves.

This is what it looked like then:

see the little rhubarb stubs? much bigger now…

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