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Grow Gourmet: Tondo Scuro Di Piacenza Squash

Part of the fun of growing your own food is picking different varieties to grow. Summer squash is a beautiful example. There is so much more out there than the basic green zucchini! Check out these little gems:

8 ball type summer squash

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A Fruity Update

Despite my dogs best efforts my fig tree has begun to flourish! I planted it back in March and shared my adventures in Fig Planting. It’ planted in the rhubarb bed that I tried my best to disperse (but failed). I dug out four huge plants but ran out of room and couldn’t find unsuspecting people anyone to give some too. So the fig tree has been fighting off the rhubarb. I’ve been helping by pulling all the stalks that cover the leaves.

This is what it looked like then:

see the little rhubarb stubs? much bigger now…

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Grow Your Own Hardy Kiwi

Did you know you can grow your own kiwi fruit even if you don’t live in the tropics?
You can! Amazing right?

All you need is two Hardy Kiwi vines and some room to let them ramble.
You need a male plant and a female plant in order to get fruit.

Hardy Kiwi are not quite the same as what you buy in the store.
They are smaller and fuzz-less, you eat them like grapes.

I bought two kiwi vines last fall at Lowes (they don’t seem to have them this year) in containers and potted them up into large pots. They over wintered in the garage

Start by digging a hole.
This is not the time to be lazy!
Dig your hole larger than the pot, and break up the soil.

We have so many worms! Amazing!

This is also to time to amend your soil.
We have really, really clay soil so I added alpaca-poo to the soil

*Tip – When you dig a whole for a container grown plant, pop the plant out and fill the container with the dirt you dig out of the hole. It’s not perfect but it keeps you from digging way too little or much!

Add the stake to the hole before you add the plant to minimize root damage

Fill in the hole and gently firm the soil
Tie the plant to the stake (HK vines get huge!! You’ll need some sort of trellis for them) and mulch around the bottom to suppress weeds.

Future Kiwi Leaves

Fan Fig-ingtastic!

Welcome to Part 2 of Grow Gourmet!*

Wandering around Lowe’s looking for stuff for the clothesline.

Somehow, even though Mike was with me I came home with a plant.
Not just any plant.

A fig. A Chicago Hardy Fig.
I agonized over it. I’ve had a fig before, but my dog ate it.
Or at least tried to. He dragged it out of the pot and around the house no fewer than 3 times.
It died.

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