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For me!?

Is it bad to buy yourself something around Christmas? No! Especially if you do it this way:
Buy a set! 
These birds are from WUSLU, a daily deals site. They are the first thing I’ve bought from them. 
Sadly, one arrived with a chipped face. I’ll be contacting them later (just opened the box) and I’ll let you know how it goes. Moving on: three little birds! One for me, one for my mom and one for my sister.
It’s a classier version of the Wobbly Madagascar Penguin set we divided up a few years ago. This one will connect us without broadcasting the fact that we are indeed nuts. In our defense, the only other people at that matinee showing were also adults, most likely drunk but still not children!
It’s nice to have something that you see every day as a suble reminder of the bond you share with someone else. Like one of those best-friend necklaces but classier. 
This little guy is right at home on the stocking bookshelf. 
When ever I see him I’ll think about my mom and sister (as I ignore the 15th text message from my mom asking me if I bought the licorice jellybeans yet).
Ignore the missing bow on the stocking holder. I blame the puppy and so should you. 
For you faithful readers, the white pine was salvaged from the dinning room table
That stuff lasts forever!


New Traditions

Growing up we didn’t have a whole lot of family traditions that didn’t involve decorating. 
One big thing was decorating the tree. We always had a fake tree. You see, my great aunt buys my mom, sister and I each a series of Christmas ornaments. I get Precious Moments, my sister gets Cherished Teddies and my mom gets the Frosty Friends (seriously,cutest ornaments EVER!). They tend to be on the heavy side, hence the fake tree. Decorating the tree was always a big thing for us. Now with the family scattered, I’m not sure if my mom is even putting up a tree. I finally have mine up but without the PMs. I’m afraid the cat would destroy all of them so for now they sit in a box.
Christmas is really about family and traditions for me. This is the first year Christmas in our new house and it’s bittersweet. The house I grew up in isn’t ‘my’ house anymore. I don’t get to put the antique snowmen and lights on the mantle. I don’t get to wrap the beads around the banisters and pull out the fabric Christmas books my aunt made us OR move the teddy bear on the count down to Christmas. 
But enough whining.
I’d like to introduce you to a few friends of mine. They would like to help explain one new tradition Mike and I started a few years ago.
Meet Mr. Frog and Brownie. I’ve had Mr. Frog since I was very little. He used to be lime green and make a croaky noise when he was rotated. He no longer croaks, isn’t lime (unless you look in his arm pits) but still looks dapper (check out the bow tie!). Brownie is Mikeys. His grandmother bought him for him. It may seem odd that 23 and 31 year old have these in their home… don’t judge! 
Our new tradition started a few years ago. We wanted to donate some toys for kids but I’m basically against toys. So we’ve been buying a stuffed frog and a stuffed bear and donating them through toys for tots. One year we stumbled upon a stuffed animal store that was going out of business and went a little crazy, I hope lots of little girls got stuffed frogs that will be ‘friends’ for a long time. 
It’s something a little ‘different’ that we do to bring in the holidays. 
What ‘new traditions’ have you started?

Pancake Breakfast Gift Basket

Are you looking for a quick, easy to put together gift? Well, look no further! This Pancake Breakfast Gift Basket is the perfect gift for anyone who loves breakfast (and if someone doesn’t you should rethink your relationship, just kidding!)
Holiday breakfast gift box


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