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13 Garlic Recipes


Mike, Mary and I spent a very wet Saturday walking around the Little Falls Garlic Festival with a friend. We ended up with quite a variety to plant later this fall including 4 types of hardneck garlic, shallots and elephant garlic.

13 Garlic Recipes using Fresh Cloves of Garlic
In the mean time I’ve been looking for some recipes to use some of the extra-special garlic we harvested this July. I was about 3 weeks away from having Mary when we planted it, in the dark. We did an awful job. The ground was too wet and hard, we didn’t cover the cloves at all, not even with dirt. Seriously, they should not have grown! But they did and now I’d like to cook them up in a few new fancy ways. I searched the web to bring you 13 drool-worthy garlic recipes using only fresh garlic (no power here!). [Read more…]