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Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornament


Make adorable Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornaments with this free printable pattern utilizing 2 loop lengths for texture

Whether you’re new to punch needle embroidery or just want a quick project, look no further! Make adorable Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornaments with this free pattern utilizing 2 loop lengths for texture.  [Read more…]

Punch Needle Embroidery Basics


There’s a new love in my life, and my husband is actually pretty excited about it. I recently discovered the magical world of punch needle embroidery (and my recently I mean I was supposed to write this post in April).

Learn the basics of punch needle embroidery
[Read more…]

Prairie Point and Yo-yo Fabric Ornaments


This festive flower combines two ornaments I’ve made in the past; my Yo-yo Ornaments and my Prairie Point Ornaments (let’s all ignore the photos on that one ok?)

Turn scraps into pretty fabric ornaments combining prairie points, yo-yos and fancy buttons

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Felted Wool Christmas Trees


I love the look of felted wool appliques and decorations. Especially around the holidays, they lend a soft and buttery texture to the room.

Craft yourself a forest of felted wool Christmas trees using scraps of yarn and a sheet of wool craft felt [Read more…]

Spider Web Victims


Have you set up your giant lawn spiderweb?

Add some spider snacks to your spooky Halloween decorations with this easy DIY project perfect for jigsaw beginners
If not there is still time, we just put ours up last night. This year I moved the web to a tree on the side of the house closer to the wooded area. I leave for work at 6 am and I was constantly giving myself panic attacks seeing the spider web. I’ve also decided to go in a different direction with the entry way this year but that’s for another day. [Read more…]