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I’m Alive!

I know it’s been a while, sorry followers (all 2 of you!). A lot has gone down and I’ll fill you in on it later. For now I thought I’d share a contest with you. Arrow Fasteners is holding a dream room contest worth $10,000. I’ll be honest, I’ve never won a contest or giveaway ever. But I entered anyway. You see I have a terrible bathroom. It’s shameful. I ‘painted’ a quick blueprint.
First off, the walls are two colors. Two horrible colors. One is a greenish mustard and the other is a rusty pumpkin-brown. Without the mustard I might like the brown. Together it’s like something you might find in a diaper. And it’s not like one wall is yellow and one wall is brown. Oh no. That would be understandable. Instead it’s a random patchwork of ugly. 

Second, it’s a pretty long room and there is only one light. Where you ask? Over the sink where someone might like to apply make up? Nope. Over the toilet. My boyfriend is quite ok with this one. I am not (guess who wears makeup?). The light switch is also a pain in the booty. 
That white box is the light switches. Did I mention that closet door doesn’t actually latch shut (see the door stop)? We hide the kitty litter in there because the cat likes to chew on the bag and eat the (clean) litter. Sometimes she gets the door open. Imagine stumbling into the bathroom (you have to pee) in the dark running face first into the closet door then getting your hand stuck in the towel ring. Good times people. Good times.

As you can see we haven’t even bothered to get towels that match the bathroom (the tan is from a set we got at the housewarming). The bathmats are new. We tend to keep the house on the cold side so I whined until we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got the two mats and the ‘toilet hat’. Mike mocked our first toilet hat until he realized the cat liked to sleep on it. Then it became ok. 
Bad pic but it’s the best I can do. It’s not awful. Its just boring. I’m a bubble-bath lover and I’ve yet to find a comfy tub. The best I’ve had was an old fashioned claw-foot in my college apartment. I miss that tub. I really want a tub I can relax in. Especially now that we have hot water again. Did I mention the week and a half where our hat water heater died? No? It sucked. 
Over all it’s not something I see an easy fix for. If it was just the color I’d have painted it already. The whole lay out is bad. We can’t afford to move the toilet/tub/sink/remove the closet/add a light. It’s sad. When I show people the house it’s the one room I don’t even have a plan for. You know it’s bad when people pity you because of your bathroom.