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Unplanned Birthday Suprise


6 Muscovy ducklings

Bittersweet moments are pretty common with farm animals.
After sitting on 6 eggs for 35 days the mamma duck is missing.
Luckily we had the incubator out so it didn’t take too long to get it up and running to dry off the ducklings. Now that they’re dried off they’ll be moved to a tub until they are old enough to live in the barn.

Turkey Eggs

It’s the second week of the Leap into Spring photo challenge!
I somehow forgot about it so this week there are two Wordless Wednesday posts.
You can find my Daffodil photos here
The topics for this week are Easter/Eggs.
Due to my sister being in the hospital I missed out on Easter (I do have 3/4 of a blessed butter lamb in the fridge though!) so I went with eggs. 
The light is best on the front lawn. So second day in a row I’ve been laying on my lawn with a camera. Thank goodness I don’t have close neighbors!
This is a Royal Palm Turkey Egg, now in the incubator
<em>Leap Into Spring!</em> Photo Challenge”></a></p>
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WW: Glimpse of a Country Spring

It’s been a long week.
Finally, after 6 days in the hospital, my sister is home.
Gallstone pancreatitis and a potential case of C. diff meant baby juggling (not literally) for the entire family. By the way, if you happen to take a baby to a restaurant and don’t immediately know how many days old he is people will assume you are the Worst Mother In The World. When you tell them it’s not your baby they will assume you stole him. It’s important to mention you’re related!

She’s only 21 but I had mine out when I was 22. My mom and dad both had theirs removed as well. Must be genetic….

Anyway! I haven’t had a whole lotta time for crafting this week so I’ll just be sharing some fun pictures instead.

If I still dyed my hair I would want Sophia’s color. Shes a little shit very, very pretty (should cut back on the white eyeshadow though)

I admit I over edited this one. But I like the ‘feel’ of it.
Do I sound like I’m in high school art class?

The eastern fence line
(yes, those were telephone poles at one point, no idea why they are a fence now)

Soon to be lilac

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge

WW: A Few Good Eggs

It seems like the girls are kicking it in to over drive a bit early, but I’m not going to complain! I’ve been getting at least 18 eggs a day [I got 22 last Saturday!] for the last few weeks. 
For those of you counting I’ve got 28 hens. 7 Brahmas, 7 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 2 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, 2 Buff Silkies (tiny but I get 1 silkie egg a day!) and 10 TSC chicks (at least 2 white leghorns, and some crazy egg hybrids). 
 18/28 might not seem like an awesome ration but I’ve got several girls that are showing signs of moulting (I wouldn’t want to lose my feathers just yet, it is only February!) and a few that the roosters pay a little too much attention to, if you get my meaning. Those ladies look a bit rough. The TSC specials are all fairly svelte compared to my brahmas and wyandottes so my guess is they aren’t laying too much with the cold weather.
I love the variety in size, shape and color I get from my backyard buddies. Even though I collect them every day, it still amazes me that those dumb little birds manage to provide me with food and income day in and day out.
 At the moment they are the only animals that contribute to the household income. 
[The alpacas are trying to convince me that they poop and their poop is good for the garden so they will in fact, be paying me lots come garden time]
We also have this on our kitchen counter:
Those are the eggs that are so dirty I don’t waste the time cleaning them or that freeze (and crack) or that I manage to crack on my way in to the house. Those go to Mr. Alfie. The cat doesn’t really like eggs unless she thinks she’s getting something away from the dog.
Sometimes if we have a lot of ‘bad eggs’ we let kids throw them at roosters. 
But you didn’t hear that from me. 
(Those boys are bullies!)

Farm Life Confessions – Not for the faint of heart


I’ve got a favor to ask, but before I get to it I have to tell you all a little something about myself.
I went back and forth in sharing this. But I’m all for honesty and this really is a part of my life.

I.. uh.. kill things. And then eat them
(few more steps between A and B but you get the idea)
Mostly roosters, but also a duck. 
It’s a new thing for me. 
My death toll (also Mikes, we do this together) has reached 7.
It’s not really that hard 
(I’ll spare you all the details here, but if you have any questions please, please email me: chickenscratchny {at}
Doesn’t really take that long
But it’s not something most people are comfortable with. 
I know why, but at the same time I don’t really get it.
I kinda feel like people think I’m in training to be a serial killer.
It’s not that at all. 

I don’t enjoy it. 
But I do think it’s something that needs to be done. 
I have lots of reasons to do it. 
[Better meat for me, healthier hens in the barnyard, lower feed costs
Owning up to the fact than a living creature really did die so I could eat]
And very few not to.
[People think I’m a freak]
But I don’t care (I guess I do a little)
Because in the end I know the chicken on my plate had a good life
I remember them, I respect them, I thank them
If you made it this far, I really do need a favor. 
I need a recipe for duck
A really good recipe
that I can’t mess up
I owe that much to my little scoliosis duck
Weekend Bloggy Reading