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Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzle with Key


Happy December everyone! I’ve got my Christmas Countdown on the wall, my tubs of Christmas ornaments at the ready and I’m just waiting for my family to wake up so we can go get our tree. It was a very, very long night so it may be noon before the first emerges (someone never puts the baby down and getting her to sleep on her own has been getting worse and worse and last night I decided to start fixing it). In October I put up a Halloween Crossword puzzle instead of my usual word search and it seemed to go over well so I’m repeating it now for Christmas. This years puzzle has the bonus of fun Christmas characters that you can color in when you get bored! I’m trying to move to printer/copier friendly decorations because I know a lot of teachers are using these.

Celebrate with a free & printable Christmas Crossword puzzle. It's a perfect way to keep busy waiting for cookies to bake or as a gift from a sneaky elf [Read more…]

Free & Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzle with Key


Free & Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzle with Answer Key


It’s Halloween and time for more puzzles! This is my first attempt at a crossword puzzle and the key is a little wonky but it’s readable so that’s what counts. Please feel free to download and print as many copies as you need for you kids, class or group activity. All I ask is that if you share this puzzle you do so through this page via direct link, facebook or pinterest. Please do not sell or bundle this item for sale because it’s not nice to anyone or fair to me. [Read more…]