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Where I’ve Been and What I’m Doing – Temperature Afghan


Now that Christmas is over I feel like I can breath again. The holidays are always such a jumble of activity that I lose months in a blur. This year we were focused on giving Mary an awesome holiday, it’s going to be her last as an only child and I know next year will be very different. You may have noticed that I’ve been missing from here and my facebook page since fall, I’m 19 weeks pregnant and I’m just so tired. I didn’t realize how much rougher it would be to be pregnant with a super active toddler! I try very hard not to spend all my time around her on the computer, she’s very into parroting everything  mommy and daddy do and I’d rather have her pick up some of our better habits… This year for Christmas she got a play kitchen and so far she’s in love! It gives this tired mom a little extra time for napping cleaning up around the house. It also gives me a little time everyday for my temperature afghan.

Beginner Friendly Daily Granny Square Temperature Afghan

We keep out house on the cool side and we can never have enough blankets! I saw an idea on facebook to crochet a blanket one line per day using different colors for different temperatures. It seemed fun and I’m always up for something that involves buying new yarn! Aside from the original inspiration that’s where the similarities end. The more I thought about it the less realistic it seemed to me.  [Read more…]

Simple Christmas Gifts: Scarves

I’m getting into Christmas gift mode. I feel like I’ve been crocheting constantly for the last week or so. Most of the ladies on my list will be getting handmade simple scarves. Don’t tell on me but I’m pretty lazy about the whole thing. I thought I’d share my old stand-by plan for super easy scarves.
It all started two years ago. I made the Super Fluffy Scarf of Awesomeness. I got lots of compliments and people asking me to please make them one. Now that give-people-stuff time had arrived the decision has been made. Scarves for all!

Simple Scarves - Easy #Crochet Gifts