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Inspiration Organization

How often are you inspired?
Everyday I see at least 20 things that make me stop and say “Hey! I love this but if I did A instead of B I could use it for C!” and let me tell you, I’ve got some awesome ideas! But sadly they go as easily as they come. If I don’t write it down (ok, scribble) immediately it either goes poof or get so stuck in my head that I can’t think about anything else.

I’ve got so many notebooks hanging around. I must have some type of phobia about them though. I can’t bring my self to start scribbling in a brand new notebook. I write on scrap paper all the time but I need a way to organize the pieces.

A quick trip to Staples and I came up with this:

It’s like a real life Pinterest!

I bought a bunch of memo-sized clip boards (6×9) for $2 each. I spray painted each one with aqua paint from the stash and let it dry. I cut out three lace patterns from contact paper with my silhouette. I adhered them over the aqua, blocked off the top and spray painted them with green chalkboard paint.

After letting the paint cure for 24 hours I rubbed chalk dust over the green and labeled each board, I love that you can switch out the label whenever you want.

I used three Command strips to hang them on the door. I hot glued a piece of felt to the bottom of each board so they don’t slam against the door when it shuts. As you can see about I cut them out really carefully. If you had foam stickers or adhesive backed felt it would also work.

In case you’re curious about my scribbling these are two examples. I usually draw something and write a whole lot of random stuff, usually accompanied by a list of supplies and/or methods. I’ve got 3 more clip boards so I might be adding another row if this method works out for me.

Thrifted Teacup Pincushion

I’ve had this teacup/coffee mug for a while. It’s a Salvo find from a friend.
There is only one and it has a small rust spot in the bottom.
It’s been kicking around the craft room for a while, usually holding some fabric scraps or trim.
I’ve been on a craft purge and anything that doesn’t serve a purpose gets the ax.So I gave it a purpose


These are probably 100 variations on this but I’ll share my method anyway.

You need:
-Rubber Band
Cut the fabric larger than you think you need.
Pack the mug with stuffing.
It won’t stay without the fabric but you’ll get a general idea of how much you need.
Wrap the stuffing up in the fabric. Try to get it circular, tug on the fabric until you’re happy.
Secure with a rubber band.
Pop it in the mug and you’re good to go!