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Best Day of my Life (11/90)

Most people have been talking about their weddings or children. I’m not married (yet) and I don’t have kids so those are out.I’ve narrowed it down to a few.

One is this day

I told the story on this Wordless Wednesday post when I originally shared the picture

The others,

The day we found out we really would get Alfie. He was the only boy in his litter so we didn’t know until he was ready to go if we would get him. I remember yelling at work when Mikes mom texted me his picture with the words “he’s all yours! come and get him” we picked him up that night. He was so little riding in the truck with us! Now he hogs all the space he can squeeze out of us.

Another day, when we hatched our first batch of turkeys. It was the culmination of a years work, finally feeling like we got something right!

The last, when we got the girls to our home. Having Dorothy and Sophia has been a challenge (check out the link for a dramatic/traumatic cow story), but I love them and I wouldn’t have it any other way (Mike might though!)

WW: Cows on the Lawn

I like to help people out, so here you go:

Next time you do something that makes your significant other ask what the heck you were thinking, all you need to do is say:

At least I didn’t put cows on our lawn.

In my defense, most of the fence was already there when we moved in.
AND it’s really overgrown.
AND it’s to wet to mow.
AND gas is expensive.
AND I’m terrified of our lawn mower

Really. It was the right thing to do

WW: Are you my mommy?

Spring is definitely in the air here!
Everyone is all up in everyone elses business

By the way…

How do you feel about Alfie’s super manly collar?

WW: Maggie

This is Maggie. She is a miniature Scottish Highland heifer. She isn’t ours (thank goodness!). She belongs to Mikeys mom. She came from the same auction as Dorothy. The two of them lived together for a year until we moved. She started out really shy. 
Now she’ll stick her head in your pocket if she thinks you have a cookie.
Did I mention the horns?

Hold it! Drop That Tree!!

This is for those of you with real trees; 
those of you with fake ones keep on eating cookies and eggnog!
Give them to your Goat! 
mmmmmmm pine
This little charmer is/was Phoebe (now shes called Ante).
This is actually about 75% Christmas Tree and 25% Snow. 
The trees serve several purposes. 
The goats and llamas will strip them pretty fast. 
The late, great Cuzco (brown) best. llama. ever.
This is actually Dorthy’s final ‘wallow’ from last years semi-dead cow adventure. When she got up they decided to move in. These trees were actually placed around her for wind/snow breaks.

Behind the chubby Miss Sophia you can see trees placed around the emu (don’t ask) barn, it keeps the snow from blowing in and adds some insulation. They also create fun pockets of joy for the chickens. The ducks and chickens peck but I’m sure sure they really eat anything.
Her… uh good side. The trees provide free forage for the goats and llamas in the winter when hay is expensive and greenery is hard to come by. In theory the wood that’s left can be shipped up and used in stall. Usually we just have a terrifying bonfire in the spring.
Last year they stopped counting around 200. Several local towns started dropping off trees by the trailor load.
Don’t have access to a goat? 
Look for ‘tree recycling signs’ or ask at a feed store, like TSC.
Most farmers I know would be glad to show you around in exchange for a tree.
Check with local zoos, I know a big cat sanctuary in Florida took a bunch and gave them to the cats to claw.
One more reason not to use tinsel!

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