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Aroma Beads Scent Jars


Instead of an over priced candle why not make your own home scenting gift this year? Aroma beads are small plastic balls that absorb and disperse fragrance. They’re fool proof and easy to make. You can display them in small organza bags or in these pretty mason jars with decorative lids.

Whip up a set of Aroma Beads Scent Jars in seasonal fragrances perfect for holiday gift giving
Your fragrance choices are almost infinite. A few of my favorites for the holiday season are peppermint, sugar cookie, gingerbread and evergreen. [Read more…]

Festive Coffee Gift Box


We have lovely neighbors, they made me dinner when I got home from the hospital with Mary, snowblowed our driveway (more than once) and perhaps most luckily think our slightly out of control animals are cute and charming (considering a few of our ducks spent the night in their almost-built house that’s a miracle). I wanted to put together a little gift to thank them but aside from them being the nicest people ever and that have a ton of grandchildren we don’t know very much about them.

Put together a simple holiday gift for the coffee lovers in your life [Read more…]

Back to School Christmas Shopping


It may seem like a really odd time to think about Christmas shopping, with all the craziness of school shopping and lunch packing. But it’s actually a great time to get prepped and an even better way to save money.

Back to School Christmas Shopping - Double up on your supply shopping and squirrel some away from cheap and easy Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers

This is the time of year when art supplies are at rock bottom prices. [Read more…]

Layered Popcorn Gift Jars


I like to gift people with practical things. But just because they are practical doesn’t mean you can’t make them pretty!

Layered Popcorn Mason Jars with Mitten Tags

[Read more…]

Address Book Stocking Stuffer


Can you believe Christmas is in less than two weeks? We just got our Christmas cards tonight (yeah Walmart 1 Hour!) and it brought to mind a somewhat odd but awesome gift I got from my mom last year. It’s simple, cheap and heartfelt. How can you go wrong? It’s the perfect gift for the college bound, new house owner, newly-wed or anyone who recently headed out on their own.

Christmas gift idea

[Read more…]