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Floral Kissing Ball – Christmas In July

I’ve always loved kissing balls but I’ve never had a good place to hang one so I never bothered to make one. This year I was looking though the spring clearance flowers at Joann’s (they were all marked down to $1.29, how could I not look?) and I found three bunches of red ranunculus looking flowers. I also picked up a few other things to make up this happy ball of flowers.

Everlasting Floral Kissing Ball with Burlap Ribbon

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Do-it-Yourself Winter Village for the Birds (and a Moose)

Do you rip down all your winter/Christmas/holiday decorations as soon as possible? I’ll admit that this year I did, I barely got 1/2 of my decorations up at all and the clutter from the tubs plus all the laundry (babies are so tiny but require SO MUCH laundry!) was driving me nuts. After it was all down (and in the basement) I realized how sad it made me and I had my husband bring one tub back up, so I could set up my DIY Winter Village.

DIY Winter Village on a Budget - Easy to put together with craftstore finds, even for the craft-impaired [Read more...]

Faux Poinsettia Candle Wreath

Poinsettias just scream Christmas to me (it’s a nice scream, very Christmas carol-y) but our cat Rita eats houseplants so I don’t dare bring real ones into my house. Instead I buy lots and lots of fake ones. I use them to decorate the tree and last year I used them to make a candle wreath.

Poinsettia #Centerpiece - #DIY tutorial for a #Holiday Tablescape

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Folding Nativity Backdrop – December Silhouette Challenge

One of my favorite Christmas family traditions is setting up the Nativity scene. My grandma bought my sister and I our own sets and added lots of characters over the years (what, your nativity set doesn’t have a flock of sheep and a man playing bagpipes?).

Silent Night Nativity Backdrop

This year I decided to set it up on the top shelf of the hutch, one of the few places the cat doesn’t go. Unfortunately it was disappearing into the background, ever since I added the book pages it takes a lot to stand out.  [Read more...]

Topiary Christmas Gift Tags

This year I got to be part of an awesome homemade gift tag exchange, there were over 30 participants and I received a giant envelope of loveliness. My tag was inspired by a file I found in the Silhouette Store for Garden Topiaries.

Topiary Gift Tags

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