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Do-it-Yourself Winter Village for the Birds (and a Moose)

Do you rip down all your winter/Christmas/holiday decorations as soon as possible? I’ll admit that this year I did, I barely got 1/2 of my decorations up at all and the clutter from the tubs plus all the laundry (babies are so tiny but require SO MUCH laundry!) was driving me nuts. After it was all down (and in the basement) I realized how sad it made me and I had my husband bring one tub back up, so I could set up my DIY Winter Village.

DIY Winter Village on a Budget - Easy to put together with craftstore finds, even for the craft-impaired [Read more...]

20 DIY Christmas Stocking Tutorials

I’ve got a real weakness for stocking and stocking holders. I’ve got a large collection of the latter and I use them to hold up ornaments, garlands and of course, stockings. 20 DIY Christmas Stocking Tutorials
Last year I made new stockings from felt with a burlap cuff for Mike, the dog, the cat, the bunny and myself. This year I’ll have to make another three, one for the baby and one for Gumball and one for the kitten Mike decided to keep (occasionallyrefered to as “toilet cat” since he’s in love with the toilet).

I’ll probably just stick with last years pattern (making 3 stockings is much easier than making 8, no matter how simple the method!). That didn’t stop me from browsing Pinterest in search of some new ideas.

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22 Snowman Ornaments, Crafts and Treats

There are no people like snow people! I like to decorate with snowmen, women and children because they can carry your from Thanksgiving through the winter months (technically we’ve already had snow this year so I can put mine out now). I hope you find some snowy inspiration to get your crafting juices flowing.

22 Snowman Ornaments, Crafts and Treats

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12 Holiday Season Hot Drinks

When I was little I remember snow on Thanksgiving every year. Times change and even if we don’t have snow for Christmas you can guarantee that it will be cold here in Central New York (except for the year Dorothy got sick and it was in the high 50’s for New Years). There is nothing better than coming in from the barn (or sledding) to a house filled with the scent of hot mulled cider or minty hot cocoa. Almost makes you want to go back outside just so you can come back in again.

12 Warm You Up Winter Holiday Drink #Recipes

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Christmas Garland Round Up

Deck the halls with yards of garlands! *Sadly the yo-yo garland tutorial in the top right of the graphic is no longer available online :-(

DIY Christmas Garland Tutorials
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