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Best Day of my Life (11/90)

Most people have been talking about their weddings or children. I’m not married (yet) and I don’t have kids so those are out.I’ve narrowed it down to a few.

One is this day

I told the story on this Wordless Wednesday post when I originally shared the picture

The others,

The day we found out we really would get Alfie. He was the only boy in his litter so we didn’t know until he was ready to go if we would get him. I remember yelling at work when Mikes mom texted me his picture with the words “he’s all yours! come and get him” we picked him up that night. He was so little riding in the truck with us! Now he hogs all the space he can squeeze out of us.

Another day, when we hatched our first batch of turkeys. It was the culmination of a years work, finally feeling like we got something right!

The last, when we got the girls to our home. Having Dorothy and Sophia has been a challenge (check out the link for a dramatic/traumatic cow story), but I love them and I wouldn’t have it any other way (Mike might though!)

Mr. Popular

If you’ve been reading for a while you might have realized my dog is pretty popular.

Rhinestone Beagle

Today he was featured over at Rhinestone Beagle!
Stop by and read a little bit about the world’s my favorite dog

Winter 2012 – Playing with Mama Trixie (left). Grandma Ellie is getting pet in the background

WW: Are you my mommy?

Spring is definitely in the air here!
Everyone is all up in everyone elses business

By the way…

How do you feel about Alfie’s super manly collar?

WW: The footprints on the wall

I love my puppy. I really do.
He’s a bit slow sometimes.

Despite looking like a garage door, this actually leads into the basement.
And directly above it is a window.

This is the window I yell out when I want to take a shower and Mike is filling water and I want to know how freakin long it could possibly take because I JUST WANT TO WASH MY HAIR.


Anyways, those foot prints belong to Mr. Fluff.
He gets all sorts of confused when I yell out the window.
He can hear mommy.
But he can’t see mommy.
And that it not nice.

So until my dog learns to look up (or I stop yelling out windows) I’ll have muddy paw prints on my basement doors.

Cabbage & Onions

Hey all, sorry for the break in projects. I’ve been under the weather and spending my time reading other blogs instead of working on my own! Incase you missed it here’s a recipe that I guest posted over at Renewed Upon a Dream last week:

This is one of my favorite [non]recipes. I make this at least once a week during the winter. It’s easy, cheap and healthy. I’m pretty sure this is actually culinary magic. You take four really basic ingredients and turn them in to an amazing side dish [or if you’re like me, a main course!]

Some day I’ll give it a fun name, but for now it’s just:

2 med onions [or 1 large]
Olive oil
1 small green cabbage

The real key to this recipe isn’t the ingredients, it’s the tools. I’d like to introduce you to my best friend:

Okay, my other best friend:

I love my Mandolin! Mine is from Oneida, it was about 30$ at Bed, Bath and Beyond. If you do a lot of cooking with fresh veggies this thing is necessary. I can slice an onion in seconds. Seriously? I’d still be looking for a sharp knife! AND the slices are all uniform. The black thing with the onion stuck to it is the safety guard, that blade is sharp! I cut myself on this once, and it bled a lot. Not a toy for the kids that’s for sure!

 One of my favorite things about this slicer is the adjustable blade.  The black knob [in the blue box] can be turned to make the slices really thin or pretty thick. I usually keep it set to about a 1/4 inch.

Back to the good part!

Slice up both of the onions.
Heat some olive oil in a large pan with high [at least 3 inches] sides, over medium/low heat.
Add the onions, separating the rings. Stir well to coat all the onions, you don’t want to fry the onions!
Cook them until they start to go translucent.
While they are cooking slice your cabbage.

Don’t be nervous! This looks like a crazy amount of cabbage but it cooks down a lot!
Start adding the cabbage to the onions a little at few handfuls at a time, you need to be able to stir without over flowing.

Keep adding more cabbage as it cooks down. Add some salt as you go, it seasons and helps to draw out the water.

If you’re patient you’ll go from nice, happy green to delicious, buttery brown. Depending on the amount of cabbage this can take up to an hour. But you mostly ignore it, so it’s not labor intensive.

Your helper may abandon you

Did I mention you can’t ruin this dish unless you light it on fire? I love it really cooked, until the sugars caramelize and it’s soft and buttery tasting. BUT you can also eat it at any stage.

Just be careful eating out of the pan while it’s cooking, you can burn your tongue (not that I would know…)