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Peppermint Twist Holiday Garland


A fast and easy holiday garland using craft wire, peppermints and a spoon

Fast and easy is the name of the game here. I was even able to make one holiday garland in the dark while my husband drove us to pick up free pumpkins for the chickens. Honestly, the hardest part was finding the right type of mints, make sure they have the twisted ends not the heat sealed ones.  [Read more…]

DIY Wooden Crate Centerpiece


Experiment with layering wood stain, paint and wax with this DIY Wooden Crate. The final product is perfect for the Thanksgiving TableA few years ago I developed an unheard of obsession with painting things mustard yellow. When I saw that DecoArt had released a line of chalky finish paint and it came in a mustardy yellow color I was perhaps a bit too happy. Luckily they were nice enough to send me a jar of it along with a few other goodies to whip up this DIY Wooden Crate ready to take center stage on your Thanksgiving table.

Decoart [Read more…]

Baby Footprint Halloween Card


Halloween is tomorrow and I’m still sewing away at Mary’s costume. This little hedgehog WILL have a full head of spikes when we head out to hand out our last minute baby footprint Halloween cards.

Capture your little ones tiny toes with a printable baby footprint Halloween card


As with most things in my life I planned this out… 2 months ago? And here we are painting a teething baby with candy corn feet while I fight off a head cold and Mike recovers from the 16 pounds of sugar in his birthday cake (I made him a Recess Peanut butter cake and I don’t eat PB and chocolate together so he gets to eat the whole thing). [Read more…]

Treat Bag Halloween Banner


Halloween is Friday. Let that sink in. How’s you’re decorating going? If you’ve got 10 minutes, 3 dollars and a roll of twine take note because I’m about to hook you up with a SUPER easy and fast Halloween banner.

Turn Dollar Store Candy Bags into a cute and quick Halloween Banner
I told my sister (the magpie and recipient of the glittery witch wreath that I’m STILL sweeping up after)  about this project and said it was so easy even she could dot it. She cam back with “that’s going on your blog isn’t it? So easy I can do it?”. Well Amber, here it is! The Halloween Banner that’s So Easy My Sister Can Do It!

[Read more…]

Printable Halloween Word Search


Ready for a new Halloween word search? As always, they are free and printable! The first one was inspired by a favorite poem of mine. Just a heads up, the words black and cat are NOT togetherEasy Halloween Word Search {Free + Printable}

A slightly more involved word search celebrating all the creepy crawlies the natural world has to offer:
Halloween Word Search {Free + Printable}

Download PDF file: Halloween Word Search 2014 * I’m not sure why but if you open the link and print it changes the font on the Creepy Crawlies word search but if you download and them print it works fine. I’m working on a fix but for now if you want to print page 2 with the stamped header you need to download it first.

These are available for FREE for anyone, including teacher and parents. Feel free to print as many copies as needed. Please do not sell or otherwise attempt to make money off of my work, that’s just not nice.

Find more free printables on my Word Search page