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Bird Nests & Weed Seeds


I’ve got most of my energy back so when my long weekend lined up with my husbands weekend off (he’s a nurse) I headed out to the barn and garden to get some long neglected work done without having to constantly rescue a two year old from the scary alpaca (shes never in danger, Fred likes to sniff her and she’s big enough to be really scary). I was out in the garden ripping out the dead and frozen asparagus stalks when I spotted something a little unusual. There was a bird nest tucked into the over grown and tangled foliage.

Goldfinch Bird Nest found in an overgrown Asparagus bed

As much as I love asparagus I always err on the side of not harvesting enough in order to keep the plants going strong. This year the Martha Washington asparagus was about 6.5 ft tall and flopping into the raspberries by the end of summer. It’s situated in a corner of the garden pretty much on it’s own, the asparagus is in a big L-shaped bed about 6 feet from the fence with kiwi vines one side of the fence and raspberries growing along the other fence line. The kiwi are pretty but useless at this point and aside from a late fall pruning and a month of occasional berry picking the raspberries are mostly left to their own devices. Apparently a couple little birds decided that this quiet garden corner would be a nice spot to raise a family. [Read more…]

Where I’ve Been and What I’m Doing – Temperature Afghan


Now that Christmas is over I feel like I can breath again. The holidays are always such a jumble of activity that I lose months in a blur. This year we were focused on giving Mary an awesome holiday, it’s going to be her last as an only child and I know next year will be very different. You may have noticed that I’ve been missing from here and my facebook page since fall, I’m 19 weeks pregnant and I’m just so tired. I didn’t realize how much rougher it would be to be pregnant with a super active toddler! I try very hard not to spend all my time around her on the computer, she’s very into parroting everything  mommy and daddy do and I’d rather have her pick up some of our better habits… This year for Christmas she got a play kitchen and so far she’s in love! It gives this tired mom a little extra time for napping cleaning up around the house. It also gives me a little time everyday for my temperature afghan.

Beginner Friendly Daily Granny Square Temperature Afghan

We keep out house on the cool side and we can never have enough blankets! I saw an idea on facebook to crochet a blanket one line per day using different colors for different temperatures. It seemed fun and I’m always up for something that involves buying new yarn! Aside from the original inspiration that’s where the similarities end. The more I thought about it the less realistic it seemed to me.  [Read more…]

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Chobani


[This post brought to you by Chobani Yogurt. All thoughts, comments and ideas are my own]


I’m not a sports fan (do you really think I have time for that? haha) but I do enjoy the food. My husband is a huge Giants fan so we do catch a few games on his days off. We usually head to my Aunts where we watch it on her giant (ha! it’s a pun) TV and I sit at the kitchen table munching on snacks and reading cookbooks. The snacks are always plentiful, we always make venison chili for the main dish but we fill ourselves up with half a dozen dips and chip/cracker combos. [Read more…]

Halloween Witch Hat Cookies


I’m off my game (again!) I’m always ready for Halloween in August and then I blink and it’s October 20th. My kid doesn’t even have a costume! For the record she’s going to be a bat and the fabric is somewhere on my kitchen table. I was feeling like a Halloween failure so I put on Hocus Pocus and got to baking. You’ve probably made a version of these cookies, I’ve seen them called peanut butter blossoms but growing up we called them the kiss cookies.

Fancy up simple Hershey Kiss cookies to make adorably sweet Witch Hats perfect to help your little monsters celebrate Halloween [Read more…]

Spooky Halloween Ghost DIY


If I told you I didn’t have Halloween decorations in mind when I designed and built the chicken run I’d be lying. It was barely done before I strung it up with with twinkle lights. I considered putting my giant spider webs down there but considering how often the geese go barreling though where they are in front I didn’t think they’d last long that close to the barn (the geese are no longer cute and tiny). I needed a new idea and it just so happens that a few years ago I saw a few pictures of ring-around-the-rosy style ghosts and fell in love. I wanted to do something like that but I wasn’t sure where or how. After we finished the run the where became pretty apparent but the how was still eluding me.

Spooky-Halloween-Ghosts [Read more…]