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Witch Hat Halloween Wreath


I like to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable as a wreath. I know, I’m a rebel, totally the kid your mom would never want you to hang out with (actually she probably would, I live a pretty boring life). In the past used a Sun Hat and twigs shaped like a star. Last year my Spider Web Halloween Wreath was your typical round grapevine wreath but this year I wanted something different. I also wanted to tie it to my Sanderson Broom Co. Sign that’s hanging next to the front door. Also, I didn’t want to buy anything.

Upcycle an old snow fence into a sweet Halloween Wreath
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Halloween Window Sign


I adore the movie Hocus Pocus. Someday I’ll make the Winifred Sanderson costume I’ve been planning for years. Until that day I’ll have to be happy with this Halloween window sign I whipped up for hanging next to the front door.

Craft your own Halloween window sign for the Sanderson Broom Co to welcome guests and ghouls

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Spider Web Victims


Have you set up your giant lawn spiderweb?

Add some spider snacks to your spooky Halloween decorations with this easy DIY project perfect for jigsaw beginners
If not there is still time, we just put ours up last night. This year I moved the web to a tree on the side of the house closer to the wooded area. I leave for work at 6 am and I was constantly giving myself panic attacks seeing the spider web. I’ve also decided to go in a different direction with the entry way this year but that’s for another day. [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Small Batch Canning


My first memories of canning involve lots of tears. It wasn’t anything painful or traumatizing (well, maybe a little), it was the onions. You see, my mom only canned two things; strawberry jam and tomato sauce. It was the sauce that did me in. It wasn’t the sort of cheerful 1950’s sitcom experience you’d like it to be. It was an all day exhausting exercise in food preservation. The recipe didn’t call for mere cups  of vegetables, rather the ingredients were measured in bushels. The tomatoes were halved and thrown in a pot to cook until squishy and then run through a hand-crank (my hand thank-you-very-much) food mill to remove the seeds and skin. The same happened with the onions and green peppers. We’d take turns chopping and running outside with tears burning our eyes from cutting pound after pound of onions. The house was hot and steamy and we all emerged limp and lightly coated with a sticky vegetable residue. I remember making the sauce much more than eating it.

Pros and Cons of Small Batch Canning [Read more...]

Easy No Peel Whole Apple Applesauce


You probably know that autumn is a busy time of year. The overflowing garden and orchards are keeping us all busy with canning, pickling, freezing, fermenting, you name it.

Turn your ugly apples into applesauce without peeling, dicing or coring for a tasty, healthy treat
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