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Saffron Prep – The Bed

We’re trying Saffron again! The first round was a few years ago and it didn’t survive the chickens. I ordered 100 saffron crocus bulbs from Fedco, the ordering deadline is August 15th so hurry up if you’re in the market for some!

This time we’re planting it in it’s very own bed that’ll be over-planted with direct seeded annuals during the summer. Saffron crocuses bloom in the fall and the whole show takes place September-November. The bulbs are set for delivery after Labor day so the bed will be empty until then and leaving soil open is never a good plan so we’ll be filling in with a cover crop for now. The crocus won’t mind and a frost killed annual is the perfect bedfellow. No digging means no viciously murdering disturbing the bulbs with a shovel.

4x4 Perenial Veggie Beds

The box is 4×4 and will be placed next to the other 4×4 boxes we have set up for perennials in the vegetable garden. In the far corner of the garden I have a large L-shaped bed of asparagus, a 4×4 currently planted with leeks (it was strawberries but they didn’t survive the neglect, next year it will be horseradish), another 4×4 with Jerusalem artichokes and finally the new bed.  You can see the JA behind Alfie and the new bed behind that one. This one will have 1/2 hardware cloth across the bottom, the others don’t. It’s basically a giant version of the DIY Compost Sifter so I won’t rehash those instructions. [Read more...]

Farm Stand Stuffed Zucchini

The inspiration for this dish is the baseball bat sized zucchini my brother-in-law provides us with each summer. Each zucchini is different and will hold a different amount so the filling is approximate and this is really more of a guideline than a recipe.

Farm Stand Stuffed Zucchini - make use of over gown zucchini by stuffing it with the best the season has to offer [Read more...]

Tomato Cage Caterpillar House

DIY Tomato Cage Caterpillar House

A few years ago my sister and her friend went to camp a came home with a box full of Monarch caterpillars. We raised them in a large tub covered with bug net, filling it up with fresh milkweed everyday until they formed dozens of chrysalises (I had to look that one up, thought it might my chrysali but it’s not) and finally turned into a whole flock of monarch butterflies. We released them all after their wings has hardened and let me you, being surrounded by a swarm of dozens of fluttering monarchs is beyond words. The tub worked but since you had to remove the top it got tricky once they started pupating.  [Read more...]

Last Minute Garden Crops

With the calender quickly turning to August you might think you’re out of time for new plantings. But with a few quick crops you can fill in those empty garden spaces and your dinner plate before the season winds down.

Last Minute Crops for a Fall Harvest
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[Read more...]

DIY Raspberry Leaf Tea

This is going to get into TMI territory. And I’m sorry about that but I recently made a discovery that I have to share. If you don’t want to hear the background skip down a bit to the part about the actual making of the tea.

Make your own black raspberry tea to end period pain

I AM NOT A DOCTOR! This is not intended as medical advise, it’s purely anectotal based on personal experience. Talk yo your health care providor if you have any questions. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the good part.  [Read more...]