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Disclosures & Sponsors

I’m a terribly honest person.
I’ve been called mean and insensitive too many times to count usually by people with orange lipstick
I don’t mean to be but that’s how I roll. 
It’s my grandmothers fault. 
What does this mean for you, my readers?
It means that I will never promote a product I don’t believe in.
Even if it arrives in a pretty box with a $100 bill taped to it.

I’ll always disclose my relationship with my sponsor (or lack of) and I will always clearly mark when a post is sponsored or contains affiliate links.
Reviews will always give you my honest opinion in my own words.
I am opening up Chicken Scratch NY to sponsors!

I would like to offer 125×125 add space for $5 a month or in trade

If you’re interested in doing a giveaway to promote your site/etsy store/blog please contact me! 
I would love to work with you if I feel your product is a good fit for my blog.
Likewise, I am interested in doing product reviews. I love finding new things to share with my readers. If you have something you would like featured on Chicken Scratch NY I would love to review it!
Add space will be provided for 2 months for anyone sponsoring a review/giveaway combo.
I will not be able to return reviews items. 
In the case of a review/giveaway combo the winner must receive a new item, not the one reviewed!

Please contact me at


for more information.

Can’t wait to hear from you!