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Reindeer Christmas Word Searches


Two Free Printable Reindeer Themed Christmas Word Searches

Get ready for the holidays with two new Christmas word searches! I love Christmas carols and one of my favorites is Rudolph, as I kid I was so psyched when I finally learned all the reindeer names!

They are available for download for free: Reindeer Word Search

Feel free to print as many copies as you need (make sure you set the printer up for landscape printing) for classes, church groups or family & friends. If you would like to share the word finds I’d appreciate it if you sent people my way by emailing/sharing the link to this page instead of the file. These files are provided free of charge to my readers, do not attempt to sell or otherwise profit from their use.

If you’re looking for more holiday word finds don’t forget to check out the ones from years past: Snowmen & Holiday Songs Christmas Word Searches, Christmas & Nativity Word Searches

Printable Halloween Word Search


Ready for a new Halloween word search? As always, they are free and printable! The first one was inspired by a favorite poem of mine. Just a heads up, the words black and cat are NOT togetherEasy Halloween Word Search {Free + Printable}

A slightly more involved word search celebrating all the creepy crawlies the natural world has to offer:
Halloween Word Search {Free + Printable}

Download PDF file: Halloween Word Search 2014 * I’m not sure why but if you open the link and print it changes the font on the Creepy Crawlies word search but if you download and them print it works fine. I’m working on a fix but for now if you want to print page 2 with the stamped header you need to download it first.

These are available for FREE for anyone, including teacher and parents. Feel free to print as many copies as needed. Please do not sell or otherwise attempt to make money off of my work, that’s just not nice.

Find more free printables on my Word Search page

Thanksgiving Wordfinds


Can you believe Halloween is already over?! I swear it sneaks up on me every year, seems like tomorrow will be New Years and we’ll all be taking a deep breath and packing away the holiday chaos.

But before we move too quickly I’ve put together two Thanksgiving Word finds for you! These are different than the Turkey Day Word searches I did last year, those are still available too!

Hard Thanksgiving Word Search Printable for Kids

I also put one together for the younger kids:

Easy Printable Thanksgiving Wordsearch


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Easy {Kids} St. Patricks Day Word Search


I’ve got a super easy St. Patricks Day word search for you:

Free Kids St. Patrick's Day Wordsearch

You can download  the PFD from Google Docs. I provide these wordsearches free of charge, print as many copies as you would like but please do not sell them!

I’m sorry I’ve been completely absent, my husband and I have been working endlessly on a new project. I hope I’ll be able to share it with you all very soon!

Valentine’s Day Word Searches


I just found out that it’s almost February. If you happen to be in the same boat (apparently the boat lacking a calender!) consider this a friendly public service announcement. It’s almost February! And that means Valentine’s Day, which makes all the pink and red hearts taking over Pinterest make a lot more sense. Just for fun I put together two sweet Valentine’s Day word finds for you:

Free Kids Valentine's Word Find

Free Printable Difficult Valentine's Day Word Find

Feel free to download and print as many as you would like, please do not sell or otherwise profit from my work. If you like the word searches I’d love to know! Leave me a comment here or on Facebook if you have any special requests!

I have thought about putting up either blank versions with only the word search and no pictures or black and white versions to save on ink but since no one has complained I haven’t bothered to do so. This is your chance! Speak now!