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Word of the Year – Enjoy


Enjoy - 2015 Word of the Year

I’m not much for new years resolutions. I tend to come up with (and quietly cast aside) overly ambitious goals all the time. I’ve seen people use a single word in place of a concrete resolution and I like that idea a lot more. I thought of a few different words, all of them applying to a specific part of my life as a mom, a wife, a blogger, a ‘homesteader’, a daughter, a sister and an employee (yes, I have a 40 hour a week job on top of all this madness). [Read more…]

Nutella Rice Crispy Treats


Take your holiday baking to the next level with Nutella Rice Crispy Treats decked out in fancy candy coating

There is some holiday magic in these bars. My Nutella-hating husband (we all have our flaws)  has even polished off half a pan. They’re pretty as bars but I plan to cut the next batch into squares for my cookie trays [Read more…]

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day December 2nd


Today is Shelter Pets Day! A day to celebrate the wonderful fuzzies and not-so-fuzzies we share our lives with that came from shelters. *I was compensated for this post with a donation to a local shelter, all thoughts, opinions and cat pictures are my own (even the one on the table smh…). Technically Rita is our only shelter pet, the kittens (now 1 year old cats but still collectively “the kittens”) might have ended up there had we not decided to keep them after their feral mama left them in our care.

December 2nd is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day #shelterpetlove [Read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Birthday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have an extra-special reason to be thankful this year, our happy little turkey baby is turning one today!

We’ll be back tomorrow with more holiday crafting but for now I sincerly hope you have a great holiday filled with family, friends and food!

Baby Footprint Halloween Card


Halloween is tomorrow and I’m still sewing away at Mary’s costume. This little hedgehog WILL have a full head of spikes when we head out to hand out our last minute baby footprint Halloween cards.

Capture your little ones tiny toes with a printable baby footprint Halloween card


As with most things in my life I planned this out… 2 months ago? And here we are painting a teething baby with candy corn feet while I fight off a head cold and Mike recovers from the 16 pounds of sugar in his birthday cake (I made him a Recess Peanut butter cake and I don’t eat PB and chocolate together so he gets to eat the whole thing). [Read more…]