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Garden Bench Update – Part 1 + The Silhouette Challenge

I’ve had this bench for years, my grandfather made it for me for my… 16th? birthday? It sat on my moms lawn for many years until it was delivered to our house my by uncle and my very happy mother. I intended to give it a new coat of white paint and power wash the plastic lattice last year but it never happened and the bench sat lonely (and ugly) beside the driveway. Well last weekend while we were waiting for the man to pick up the cows (they have literally gone to a farm upstate, we found a new home for them because they were a lot to handle with the new baby) my brother-in-law got antsy and decided they should move RIGHT THEN! So my husband, nephew and two brothers-in-law carried it down the slippery lawn to it’s final resting place.

Bench before makeover

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X-acto Knife Cork Stamps

I was pretty late signing up for the A-Z craft month so pickings were slim when it came to letter options. I happened to have an x-acto knife on my desk at the time so I snapped up the ‘X’ spot with little to no idea of a project. I discovered a huge bag of wine corks in my craft room and that’s when this idea was born.

Carve custom #stamps from old wine #corks

Side note: a few weeks ago I sliced my finger open with a dull x-acto knife and ended up in the ER for some fancy super glue. Let me be your cautionary tale, don’t be stupid with these things! They can be dangerous! [Read more...]

2 Valentine’s Day Word Searches – Free & Printable

The Superb Owl and the Muskrat Meteorologist have had their time in the sun (well, not the Broncos but that’s not important right now) and it’s time for the most romantic holiday. My husband is working so I’ll be spending the night with the baby, the dog and not one, not two but 2.5 spoiled lap cats (actually 3 but we call Gumball our half cat). My plan is to work my way thorough these puzzles and a large quantity of chocolate ice cream.

I tried something different for this puzzle, the bold words in all caps are the one’s to look for:

Easy #Free #Printable Valentine's Day Wordsearch [Read more...]

Index Card Organizer for Easier Meal Planning {Plus Tips for Combining Purchased Silhouette Store Shapes}

Do you ever get stuck in a dinner rut? We do all the time, in face if we don’t make a serious effort we end up eating spaghetti 4 out of 5 nights (yep, we are that bad). When the January theme of the Silhouette Challenge was revealed I knew what I wanted to do. Index Card Organizer - Recipe organizing for daily meal planning [Read more...]

14 Gorgeous Winter Salads

Something about the winter months makes me crave bright and colorful foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hot bowl of hearty soup but sometimes I need to eat something fresh. Since I’m stuck home (it’s literally 0 degrees outside right now before windchill, not taking the baby out in that) I’ve been browsing the blogosphere for some delicious winter salad inspiration. I think seasonal food is best (and cheapest) so  you won’t find any heirloom tomato medleys or sweet corn salads here!

Winter Salads Featuring Seasonal Produce

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