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Appenzeller Spitzhauben


I love my Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhaubens, they’re like an improved version of Polish chickens. And I really mean that in the nicest way. I had three gold laced polish hens and  it didn’t end well, they all met untimely deaths. One was picked to death by her flock mates out of the blue when they were all about 4 months old. The other two were about as bright as a broken bulb. I have a feeling their stupid behavior was tied to the giant ball of feathers crowning their tiny heads. They were adorable to watch as they bobbed along doing what chickens do. But on more than one occasion I found them wandering the hay field next door acting confused and lost and I had to herd them home.

Everything you never knew you wanted to know about the Appenzeller Spitzhauben

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Our Barnyard Geese – Pilgrim & Toulouse


I’ve been gone for a long time (since January to be exact). Every year I struggle through the winter, this year was particularly bad. I lost sight of myself and made some questionable choices with bad results. After spending a few months yo-yoing between depression and anxiety I’m finally getting back to being ‘me’. I have my husband, my daughter, my dog and the dirt to thank for that. I always feel better when I have my hands in the soil, being messy suits me I guess. I have piles of half-started craft and DIY projects, scraps of paper with scribbled recipes and potential blog posts littering my house. I kept getting stuck. Even now I’m having trouble finding words to fill this page. But it will get better, it will get easier. I want to thank the people who sent me emails asking about my whereabouts and saying you missed me. You may never know how much that meant but honestly, truly, from the very bottom of my heart thank you!

A lot has happened around here in the last few months. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you might recognize a few of these pics. Today I want to tell you about our geese.

Barnyard Goslings - Pilgrim & Toulouse [Read more…]

Fred & George – Pet Alpacas


Find out what our two pet alpacas do on our small farm
I talk a big game about making the farm work for us. The apparent weak link in all of that is the alpacas. We don’t do anything with the fiber, they’re usually very dirty by the time we shear them and I don’t spin any way. The poultry all serve the purpose of insect control, eggs and meat. I’m sure as heck not going to eat the alpacas, so what do we keep them for? [Read more…]

Muscovy Ducks – Sustainability in your Back Yard


Muscovy ducks are the most sustainable animals I can think of to keep, find out why we'll always keep them on our farm and how easy they are to care for
My husband is currently awaiting the Zombie Apocalypse, or something of that nature, so I hear a lot about planning for the end of civilization as we know it. Maybe that’s why he goes along with my never ending desire to plant more fruit trees, grow a bigger garden and raise all the livestock! Or maybe he just loves me and wants me to he happy. Either way, we’ve got a lot going on between the baby, the house pets, the alpacas, the chickens and the rest of the flock so we try to keep simple routines. The easiest keepers we have are the Muscovy ducks, hands down. I’m not the only one who thinks that way either, when I put together my post about Favorite Chicken Breeds Mike from Gentleman Homesteader shared that Muscovy are his his favorties too, you can read why on his post about Adding Muscovy Ducks to the Homestead[Read more…]

Favorite Chicken Breeds


Every winter I look forward to the chicken catalogs. I love flipping through, looking at the pictures, reading the descriptions and figuring out what I’d get if I had infinite money and space. Sadly I find both of those things in short supply so I have to cut back on my list. If you’ve ever found yourself in the same position you know my pain. I know how confusing it can be to settle on one, or a few chicken breeds so I asked a few of my blogger buddies what their number one chicken pick would be and why.

Favorite Chicken Breed - Chicken Scratch NY - Brahma

Just for fun we’ll start with my favorite. I absolutely adore my Brahmas. They’re a heavy breed and they do fantastically through our harsh winters, they’re SO FLUFFY and they have small combs so frostbite isn’t much of a concern. My ‘main man’ is a large Brahma and judging from the fact that all the chicks we hatch out are at least 1/2 Brahma (despite there being multiple Orpington roosters) he’s doing his job. They’re all very friendly and curious, even my rooster is a sweetie pie. [Read more…]