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DIY Whiskey Barrel Mint Garden + Reasons you should never plant mint directly in the ground


Who doesn’t love mint? (The answer is my husband, it’s a fault we’re working on but no too hard because it means I can buy mint chip ice cream and not have to share…) Anyway, for the rest of us, I wanted to share the latest addition to my herb garden that I wasn’t supposed to start working on until 2017. I wanted to grow mint because it’s delicious, it smells amazing and there are a ton of varieties. BUT I wanted an herb garden not a mint garden. If you’ve ever grown anything in the mint family you understand exactly what I mean. That is how the Whiskey Barrel Mint Garden was  born.

Create a DIY Whiskey Barrel Mint Garden in less than an hour and learn why you should never plant mint directly in the ground [Read more…]

Bee and Butterfly Waterer


Turn a dinner plate into a pretty Bee & Butterfly Waterer in minutes with easy to find suppliesIt’s officially spring. The bees are out in full force and we all know they need as much help as they can get. I haven’t seen any yet but the butterflies won’t be far behind. A few years ago I pounded a few pieces of electrical conduit into the ground in my front flower bed with the intention of turning them into either something for the birds or a Bee and Butterfly Waterer. You could easily make this into a platform bird feeder by filling it with birdseed but I decided to go with pretty gems and water. The glass gems make it pretty but also serve a practical purpose. They attract the bees & butterflies with their pretty colors and they give them somewhere to land so they don’t get stuck in the water and potentially drown. Like my ladybug vs bumble bee tic-tac-toe game this is an easy afternoon project that doesn’t require skill. [Read more…]

Floral Monogram


The only thing we managed to finish in Mary’s nursery before she was born was painting the walls and her dresser. Now that she’s 2 and the next one is half baked I figured it was time I stepped it up and put together some art for her room. I came up with this idea about a year ago when I found a fancy pack of ladybug brads but they disappeared into the black hole of my sisters car. A recent trip to Michael’s revealed that they have all of their scrap booking brads on clearance (no lady bugs though) so it seemed time to finally put together the floral monogram I had planned for her room.

Decorate you walls with a bright and lively DIY Floral Monogram crafted on stretched canvas with fancy scrap booking brads

[Read more…]

Where I’ve Been and What I’m Doing – Temperature Afghan


Now that Christmas is over I feel like I can breath again. The holidays are always such a jumble of activity that I lose months in a blur. This year we were focused on giving Mary an awesome holiday, it’s going to be her last as an only child and I know next year will be very different. You may have noticed that I’ve been missing from here and my facebook page since fall, I’m 19 weeks pregnant and I’m just so tired. I didn’t realize how much rougher it would be to be pregnant with a super active toddler! I try very hard not to spend all my time around her on the computer, she’s very into parroting everything  mommy and daddy do and I’d rather have her pick up some of our better habits… This year for Christmas she got a play kitchen and so far she’s in love! It gives this tired mom a little extra time for napping cleaning up around the house. It also gives me a little time everyday for my temperature afghan.

Beginner Friendly Daily Granny Square Temperature Afghan

We keep out house on the cool side and we can never have enough blankets! I saw an idea on facebook to crochet a blanket one line per day using different colors for different temperatures. It seemed fun and I’m always up for something that involves buying new yarn! Aside from the original inspiration that’s where the similarities end. The more I thought about it the less realistic it seemed to me.  [Read more…]

Spooky Halloween Ghost DIY


If I told you I didn’t have Halloween decorations in mind when I designed and built the chicken run I’d be lying. It was barely done before I strung it up with with twinkle lights. I considered putting my giant spider webs down there but considering how often the geese go barreling though where they are in front I didn’t think they’d last long that close to the barn (the geese are no longer cute and tiny). I needed a new idea and it just so happens that a few years ago I saw a few pictures of ring-around-the-rosy style ghosts and fell in love. I wanted to do something like that but I wasn’t sure where or how. After we finished the run the where became pretty apparent but the how was still eluding me.

Spooky-Halloween-Ghosts [Read more…]