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Winter Deer Mirror

Use an vinyl stencil and looking glass spray paint to craft a winter deer mirror perfect to reflect the twinkling holiday lights
I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head to make photo mats with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint since last winter, I even bought the spray paint I just never quite figured out what I wanted to do. When I was looking around the Silhouette Design Store and I found this stunning deer and snowflake silhouette. The stubborn wheels in my head started turning and I came up with this idea!

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Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornament


Make adorable Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornaments with this free printable pattern utilizing 2 loop lengths for texture

Whether you’re new to punch needle embroidery or just want a quick project, look no further! Make adorable Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornaments with this free pattern utilizing 2 loop lengths for texture.  [Read more…]

14 Felt Holiday Crafts


I love felt, it’s easy to work with, cheap and so very forgiving. Plus, no fraying! I’ve rounded up 14 amazing felt projects to add to your holiday decorating, everything from table top decor to tree trimmings.

14 Holiday Felt projects from tree trimmings to table top decorations

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Aroma Beads Scent Jars


Instead of an over priced candle why not make your own home scenting gift this year? Aroma beads are small plastic balls that absorb and disperse fragrance. They’re fool proof and easy to make. You can display them in small organza bags or in these pretty mason jars with decorative lids.

Whip up a set of Aroma Beads Scent Jars in seasonal fragrances perfect for holiday gift giving
Your fragrance choices are almost infinite. A few of my favorites for the holiday season are peppermint, sugar cookie, gingerbread and evergreen. [Read more…]

Peppermint Painted Milk Glass


I’ve got a serious collection of milk glass, most of it goes back to the wedding but some I’ve picked up here and there over the years. I’ve acquired quite a few duplicates and I wanted to fancy them up so I came up with a few ideas for decorative painted milk glass.

Fancy up some old milk glass for the holidays with simple glass paint [Read more…]