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Dip-dyed Americana Banner


A week or so ago I shared the birdhouse that I dyed along with hints of a mystery project (ooooooooo!), well it’s a mystery no more. I was dying a muslin Americana banner to hang in my living room.

Dip Dyed American Banner with Liquid Fabric Dye

I know the fourth of July is basically tomorrow, but this is a great project for all summer long (how else do you decorate in the summer if not overtly patriotic? My husband would lock me up if I started digging out the pumpkins now) [Read more...]

Dyed Bird House


When we were cleaning for Mary’s baptism party I finally got around to taking the mini-Christmas trees off the buffet.  That left a pretty sad spot so I took a wander through the clearance aisle of Michael’s. I ended up with a pile of things that matched the wall… So I pulled out my bag of tricks and got to work

Dying wood with Rit Liquid Fabric Dye

[Read more...]

Kitchen Love Subway Art Sign


Our walls are looking pretty sad these days so when we took down the slap-dash DVD shelves to paint the nursery I saved the boards to make something pretty. The kitchen was first on the list and with Valentine’s Day coming up fast this seemed like the perfect time to make some food related subway art.

Kitchen Love Subway Art - Quirky & #Romantic Subway Art Perfect For #Valentine's Day

[Read more...]

Beeswax Candle & Mixed Nut Centerpiece


Have you ever smelled a real beeswax candle? They have a faint, sweetly floral scent. I’m lucky enough to have an ‘in’ with a supplier (another part of my endless day-job description is candle maker) and I get to bring home some of the 2nd quality candles. *This isn’t a sponsored post, I just like candles

Beeswax Candle and Mixed Nuts Centerpiece [Read more...]

Do-it-Yourself Winter Village for the Birds (and a Moose)


Do you rip down all your winter/Christmas/holiday decorations as soon as possible? I’ll admit that this year I did, I barely got 1/2 of my decorations up at all and the clutter from the tubs plus all the laundry (babies are so tiny but require SO MUCH laundry!) was driving me nuts. After it was all down (and in the basement) I realized how sad it made me and I had my husband bring one tub back up, so I could set up my DIY Winter Village.

DIY Winter Village on a Budget - Easy to put together with craftstore finds, even for the craft-impaired [Read more...]