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Harvest – Book Review


I was recently sent a copy of the book Harvest by Stefani Bittner  & Alethea Harampolis to review. I received the book for free as part of the blogging for books program, all of the ideas and opinions presented here are mine and unbiased.

Harvest Book Review

First off, I’m a sucker for a beautiful book. The photography in this alone makes it worthy of a spot on my book shelf. Harvest is a mix of cookbook, craft book and garden manual. It covers 47 different crops and gives you many creative ideas that you can easily swap ingredients for. 

The recipes/crafts are listed more or less chronologically in the order that they would be harvested from the garden. They’re divided into early, mid-season and late. Each crop has a detailed intro followed by growing and harvest tips. They cover a wide range of plants, from common to rare. I was really happy to see alpine strawberries mentioned, they’re a new favorite of mine and you very rarely see them mentioned anywhere!

The only downside so far is the growing list of plants I’ve decided I need to grow like the Chinotto orange and Chilean guava. Luckily (unluckily?) they were nice enough to include sources for some of the stranger plants.

The projects in the book run the gamut from fresh bouquets & wreaths to flavored sugar & quick pickles. The two projects that really caught my eye were the blueberry dye and the marigold bitters. There is even a chart in the back offering lots of options for substituting ingredients. There are an infinite number of possibilities.

Harvest would make a great gift for any gardener or even a cook that enjoys experimenting with fresh ingredients. It’s currently on Amazon for less than $17 so pick it up now and cross a name off your list extra early!



  1. Thank you for your word search puzzles, I am sending them to my grandson age 12 who is in a residential situation for mental health issues and he likes word searches.

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