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Archives for August 2017

Halloween Confetti Pumpkin Pancakes


I’m made my fair share of pumpkin pancakes and I’ve finally figured out my perfect recipe (at least for now!). My first requirement was that it used a whole can of pumpkin. I’m not about to waste my time on a pancake recipe that uses a tablespoon or two of pumpkin. It took some messing around with ratios to find a good batter consistency that tasted like pumpkin with a bit of spice. They are dense and a little creamy thanks to the pumpkin which also adds a nice sweetness.Pumpkin, Spice & everything nice come together for a Halloween breakfast treat of pumpkin pancakes jazzed up with black & orange sprinkle confetti [Read more…]

Autumn Puppy Chow Trail Mix


My family is weird. If you knew me at that would not surprise you. Every fall my mom, sister, grandma and an assortment of children go to Critz Farms for the Fall Festival. We’ve been going since I was pregnant with Mary, so this will be our 4th year. They have this giant corn maze, and hidden inside it are craft punches. If you find 4 you get free apple fritters. This is where the crazy comes in. My mother WILL NOT stop until she has all punches.

Mix chocolate coated cereal with a few salty & sweet treats to make a batch of puppy chow trail mix to bring along on your next hayride or pumpkin hunt [Read more…]

Dogwood & Dahlia Autumn Wreath


I went into Michael’s with a whole list of Halloween projects planned out, naturally I left with a bag of flowers for this autumn wreath and nothing for Halloween. No matter how hard I try to plan things it never, ever goes the way I think it will. Over the years I’ve made more wreaths than any one person should so I was feeling pretty blank when I realized I needed something new this year for the fall. I was on my way out of the store when I spotted a bunch of gold ferns (because why wouldn’t that be a thing?) and the rest fell into place.

[Read more…]