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Bread Revolution – Review


I already own (and love) the book Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day so I was really excited to get the change to review Bread Revolution: World-Class Baking with Sprouted and Whole Grains, Heirloom Flours, and Fresh Techniques by the same author.


I received the book, oohed and ahhed over the size (impressive), the cover art (you can practically smell the bread) and the quality (not skimping on the paper here). Then I dove in and my eyes began to glaze over….
There is A LOT of information in this book. It’s like a textbook for a class on the history and future of bead. The science nerd in me loved it but the impatient baker wanted to get down to business. My main issue with the book is that it just doesn’t seem practical to me, we’re pretty back-to-basics here and this book really doesn’t fit that. Some of the recipes call for really strange things like grape flour and most of the recipes in the book call for sprouted flour. I buy all of my baking supplies in bulk from the local Mennonite store and while they have an impressive selection and I’ve never seen it there. A quick search online lead me to believe that cooking from this book will be an expensive undertaking as most recipes require expensive and difficult to find (locally) ingredients.

The recipes don’t seem difficult but the book is clearly written for someone who already knows how to bake bread, if you have experience you shouldn’t have any trouble. That said I haven’t actually tried any of these recipes, I don’t have $40 lying around to special order flour. If I can find some locally, maybe if it gets more popular and starts another health trend, I’d be 100% all about it. There are a few gluten free recipes included but since we’re a gluten-friendly home I’m not really in a place to compare them to any other GF recipes. Sprouts are yummy, and the sprouting process unlock lots of nutrients that might otherwise remain undigested so I really do see the benefit of it. My final thoughts are that it fits a very specific niche and it does an exceptional job there but it’s definitely not for everyone (including me sadly).



  1. I LOVE bread, but have only tried making beer bread – so easy! Will have to check this book out and see what I can make:)
    Chastity recently posted…Guitars & Gold RecordsMy Profile

  2. Homemade bread is one thing that I am not very good at. I would love to check out this book.
    maria @closeothome recently posted…50th Wedding Anniversary DecorationsMy Profile

  3. I remember my mom trying to make bread when I was a kid. It didn’t turn out so well and has turned me off of making my own since. Maybe this book will get me inspired, though.
    Crystal recently posted…Cookie Crumbles MilkshakeMy Profile

  4. I have never made bread before but have always wanted to . If I start I will have to get this book!
    Heather recently posted…Hello Kitty Paper Birthday BannerMy Profile

  5. His is so awesome. I know you are enjoying reading and reviewing books on topics that you love. Thanks for sharing
    sacha recently posted…Write it down and watch it growMy Profile

  6. The cover looks gorgeous but I no absolutely nothing about making bread. It’s on my list to try some day.
    The Wheelchair Mommy recently posted…Stonyfield and YayLabsMy Profile

  7. Then I’m not sure this book is for me, because I have no idea how to make bread! Attempted it several times and I finally gave up. Good to know there’s something there for experts though. My friend puts all her stuff in a breadmaker and loves it! Maybe she’d like this.