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Archives for December 2014

Winter Deer Mirror

Use an vinyl stencil and looking glass spray paint to craft a winter deer mirror perfect to reflect the twinkling holiday lights
I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head to make photo mats with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint since last winter, I even bought the spray paint I just never quite figured out what I wanted to do. When I was looking around the Silhouette Design Store and I found this stunning deer and snowflake silhouette. The stubborn wheels in my head started turning and I came up with this idea!

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Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornament


Make adorable Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornaments with this free printable pattern utilizing 2 loop lengths for texture

Whether you’re new to punch needle embroidery or just want a quick project, look no further! Make adorable Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornaments with this free pattern utilizing 2 loop lengths for texture.  [Read more…]

Punch Needle Embroidery Basics


There’s a new love in my life, and my husband is actually pretty excited about it. I recently discovered the magical world of punch needle embroidery (and my recently I mean I was supposed to write this post in April).

Learn the basics of punch needle embroidery
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Celebrate Shelter Pets Day December 2nd


Today is Shelter Pets Day! A day to celebrate the wonderful fuzzies and not-so-fuzzies we share our lives with that came from shelters. *I was compensated for this post with a donation to a local shelter, all thoughts, opinions and cat pictures are my own (even the one on the table smh…). Technically Rita is our only shelter pet, the kittens (now 1 year old cats but still collectively “the kittens”) might have ended up there had we not decided to keep them after their feral mama left them in our care.

December 2nd is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day #shelterpetlove [Read more…]