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Printable Halloween Word Search


New for 2016: Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzle

Ready for a new Halloween word search? As always, they are free and printable! The first one was inspired by a favorite poem of mine. Just a heads up, the words black and cat are NOT togetherEasy Halloween Word Search {Free + Printable}

A slightly more involved word search celebrating all the creepy crawlies the natural world has to offer:
Halloween Word Search {Free + Printable}

Download PDF file: Halloween Word Search 2014 * I’m not sure why but if you open the link and print it changes the font on the Creepy Crawlies word search but if you download and them print it works fine. I’m working on a fix but for now if you want to print page 2 with the stamped header you need to download it first.

These are available for FREE for anyone, including teacher and parents. Feel free to print as many copies as needed. Please do not sell or otherwise attempt to make money off of my work, that’s just not nice.

Find more free printables on my Word Search page


  1. I stumbled on your site looking for upcycled projects. I have a conumdrum for you. I have this hot tub that no longer works the frame is falling apart ect. I can’t afford to replace it, it would make a great pond planter something it’s on north side of house if I send you a picture could you give me some ideas? What would you do? It’s really unsightly like it is. Thank you

    • That’s a bit outside my league of experience. You might have some luck with the pond idea if you talk to some people at a specialty pond/fish store.