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Giant Clothesline Spider Webs


We did it again! This year I convinced my husband that we should get new clothesline (we had a serious mouse problem in our garage last year and the old stuff was pretty nasty).  We picked up two lengths of 100 ft cotton clothes line (~$4 each) and got to work. One piece was cut up and used to make the vertical lines and the other one was kept whole and used to make the horizontal parts.

Create your own Giant Clothesline Spiderwebs in an afternoon for less than $10

I shared how to make giant spider webs a few years ago. Every year I take it a little bit farther. I casually mentioned to my husband that I wanted to buy a new spider every year. He mumbled something about hoarders and went to find a hammer to put the warning sign yard stake up. If you’re struggling to understant just how huge this particular web is:

Giant Lawn Spider WebsThe giant spider would be 8 ft wide if he was completely stretched out, he’s probably about 6.5 ft wide here, the yard stake is a little over 3 ft tall. The good news is I only got stuck in it once this year, my husband had to rescue me but I made it out alive.

Have you decorated your front yard or entryway for Halloween yet?



  1. Oh my goodness, this is super cool! I LOVE the way it looks even though I would probably die if I saw the real deal lol! Great job!
    Amy Lynn Desrosiers recently posted…Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Blender & Twister Jar Review #HolidayGiftGuideMy Profile

  2. You rock. I want to say that is all, but this is really amazing. I can’t make anything without step by step instructions, and you mean to tell me you improve on this every year? I have to show my kids – and I wish I lived near you so we could come over. How many kids get stuck in it? lol
    Elizabeth Towns recently posted…Keeping me Posted on What my Bodies Up to: Jawbone UPMy Profile

    • We are pretty off the beaten path so as far as I know I’m the only one who really gets stuck in it. My 2 year old nephew was over ‘helping’ and almost face planted in the web a few times but we all made it out ok!

  3. That looks so great on your lawn! You have the perfect tree for something like this! My kiddos would love it!
    Jessica Beal Harlow recently posted…FREE essie Nail Polish with Purchase from!My Profile

  4. Halloween is by far one of my fav holidays to decorate for and this is amazing! What a great inexpensive solution that will look even creepier in the dark on Halloween night.
    Alex recently posted…No Candy Halloween Treats – Glow Stick BroomsMy Profile

    • Last year we had a light set up on it, unfortunately it shined right into the living room and my dog constantly though someone was in our drive way. Next year we’ll probably try it again though

  5. This feeds my phobia… I’m sure I’ll have night mares telling everyone about your creations!
    Jeannie recently posted…DIY Halloween lights kids can make.My Profile

  6. bill marvin says:

    one thing learned quickly is after you have your vertical lines start at the top and work down not vice versa. I even put a few stretchy spider webs on it to make it show up better. Probably will put string of white lights on some of the webbing and purple lights on the large spider. Great idea and easy to do.