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Archives for September 2013

10 Halloween Garland & Banner Tutorials


As part of my Christmas in July insanity I shared a bunch of my favorite Christmas Garlands now it’s time to bring it back to Halloween. I’ve got a brand new set of bookshelves, 4 ledges, a buffet and a hutch in need of some Halloween happiness:


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Halloween Spider Web Wreath


I wanted to make a fun Halloween wreath this year that wouldn’t take a lot of time. You should be able to put this together pretty quickly if you have all of your supplies together.

Spooky Spider #Halloween #Wreath

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Primitive Autumn Birdcage Vignette


#Autumn Birdcage Vignette #DIY

  • A birdcage, I picked this one up on clearance this spring from Michael’s it opens from the top so it’s easy to fill
  • A pile of sphagnum moss ($ store)
  • 2 wooden bird cutouts, I picked up mine for less than $1 at Hobby Lobby
  • Black craft paint and brush
  • Wine corks
  • Small fake pumpkin
  • Exacto/sharp knife OR hot glue
  • 2 small bunches of fake berries (with the wreath picks at Hobby Lobby)
  • Wire cutters

This is basically just a pretty pile of stuff but since that would be a terrible blog post I’ll explain a little better. [Read more…]

Pickle Jar Jack-O-Lanterns – Halloween Candy Jars with #DecoArt Glass Paint


Disclosure: As a part of the DecoArt Blogger Outreach program I received the paint used in this post for free. All opinions, thoughts and ideas are my own.

Pickle Jar Pumpkin #Halloween Candy Jars with #DecoArt Glass Paint

Do you ever plan a project and then, when you get to the first step you realize it’s never going to work? When I received my box of paint for DecoArt I pulled out my stash or random mason jars and got ready to work. Then I realized it would never work. My plan involved painting on the outside of the jars. All of my jars have embossing on all sides of the jars, so it wasn’t going to work. Back to my stash of random jars (we buy a lot of bulk items from the Mennonite Store and transfer them to old glass jars so we have a whole cabinet full and I eat a jar of pickles every 2 days) and I pulled out a stash  pickle jars, including the mega jar. [Read more…]

Chalk Paint Fruit – $ Store Decorating


I wanted to add some autumn flair to my kitchen and I spent all my money of cloth diapers. I headed to the Dollar General (a real $ store where things only cost a dollar) with a $5 bill and a mission. I was looking for some fake pumpkins when I happened upon a few bins of fake fruit. The finish was… well… bad but the shape and size were right on. I knew that a quick paint job would take them from low cost to high class.

Chalk Painted Pears - Dollar Store #Crafting

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