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WW: Ducklings, Growing Up


I just switched over to wordpress so I apologize for anything wonky.

If you notice something *off* please let me know!

Ducklings are growing, they are almost as big as their Mama now!
These little guys are a constant source of amusement. They around the lawn in a big clump stopping to visit the garden, chill under the deck and run from the pasture to the water to the barn in dizzying loops.
Can I just say how much I love the fact that I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with raising these guys? Mama ducks are awesome


  1. How I miss having ducks! They are such a source of amazement and amusement, and yours are very nice!

  2. Loving your new design!
    My lil girls are “following” your duckie posts. They ran over to peek at them and love them!
    My 5 year old: So the duckies are big kids now?
    My 7 year old: They are so cute!
    My (almost) 2 year old: Duckie! Quack Quack! (over and over again)