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Archives for August 2012

Giant Spider Warning Sign

One of my first posts was for my Giant Lawn Spider Webs. I decided to spice up my webs this year with a few spider warning signs:

Halloween Spider Web Caution Signs

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MM Bentley & the Baby Chicken

Hi everyone! I probably haven’t mentioned this before but I have recently become a My Memories Affiliate! 
Don’t be misled by the title! I’m not really a scrapbooker but I’ve found lots of uses for this software. 
I made Mothers Day pictures for my mom and grandmother and I whipped up this little number for my sister in a few minutes:
I used the EIEIO pack from Just So Scrappy. I absolutely LOVE her design packs.
Check out MM:
My Code is: STMMMS16883

Inspiration Organization

How often are you inspired?
Everyday I see at least 20 things that make me stop and say “Hey! I love this but if I did A instead of B I could use it for C!” and let me tell you, I’ve got some awesome ideas! But sadly they go as easily as they come. If I don’t write it down (ok, scribble) immediately it either goes poof or get so stuck in my head that I can’t think about anything else.

I’ve got so many notebooks hanging around. I must have some type of phobia about them though. I can’t bring my self to start scribbling in a brand new notebook. I write on scrap paper all the time but I need a way to organize the pieces.

A quick trip to Staples and I came up with this:

It’s like a real life Pinterest!

I bought a bunch of memo-sized clip boards (6×9) for $2 each. I spray painted each one with aqua paint from the stash and let it dry. I cut out three lace patterns from contact paper with my silhouette. I adhered them over the aqua, blocked off the top and spray painted them with green chalkboard paint.

After letting the paint cure for 24 hours I rubbed chalk dust over the green and labeled each board, I love that you can switch out the label whenever you want.

I used three Command strips to hang them on the door. I hot glued a piece of felt to the bottom of each board so they don’t slam against the door when it shuts. As you can see about I cut them out really carefully. If you had foam stickers or adhesive backed felt it would also work.

In case you’re curious about my scribbling these are two examples. I usually draw something and write a whole lot of random stuff, usually accompanied by a list of supplies and/or methods. I’ve got 3 more clip boards so I might be adding another row if this method works out for me.

Confessions of a Holiday Crafter

Looking back over the last year of my blogging experiences I can see a definite pattern. I blog the most, and the best, around a holiday. It’s also the times when I have the most visits and views (my fellow bloggers know how much it sucks when your readers stop coming).

One of my first blog projects: Giant Lawn Spiderwebs

With the exception of the odd furniture revamp or garden post the majority of my projects have a holiday, or at least season at heart. And as a holiday crafter, this is the dry season.
 From the 4th of July to the beginning of fall is a crafting wasteland.
It sucks.

Wooden Stocking Holders

The rest of my Christmas Projects are listed on my Christmas Page

Even my super-fall-centric wedding is out of place. No one wants to look at mums and falling leaves while they’re laying on the beach.

I’ve got a few major projects in the works:

      • Painting the Master bedroom (almost done)
      • Refinish the 2 dressers and nightstand
      • Curtain rods and Curtains for the bedroom
      • Clean out the pink room (guest room) for the old queen sized mattress
      • Paint and stencil living room wall
      • Finish living room curtains
      • Paint curtain rods 
      • Wedding stuff
      • Wedding stuff
      • Wedding stuff (in my defense the big stuff is handled and I’m decorating with mostly natural items like mums and pumpkins so it’s gotta wait)
      • Fall flower and vegetable gardening
Holiday/Seasonal Stuff
      • Halloween projects!!! (this I’m actually excited about)
      • Fall/Thanksgiving projects
      • Christmas projects/presents (yes, now is the time to start)
Bottom line? Start expecting Halloween projects ASAP

What’s Cluckin 16

Wedding Invites are out!!!
Did you see my Turkey Toppers?

I love his little hat!
Here are the featured links from the last 2 weeks:
Paper Center Face Lift from Turtles and Tails
The Pickle Pot from What Amber Loves

Some yummy Banana Cupcakes from Shaken Together:

Three yummy pies from What Amber Loves:

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Chicken Scratch NY
Chicken Scratch NY
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Chicken Scratch NY
Chicken Scratch NY
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