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What’s Cluckin’ 12

Lots of babies here on the Chicken Scratch Farm!
July 5th we had 2 Silkies chicks hatch. They are currently living in the spare room in a giant fish tank. They are tiny birds and I’m not sure the hen is up to keeping tabs on them with all the other things going on. She does seem to be pretty serious about the little puff balls though. Hopefully I’ll get them hooked up with some protection soon so they can head out side
Wednesday night I was closing up the barn and found some peculiar egg shells underneath the nest boxes. A few seconds later I heard a soft peeping. As of right now I think there are atleast 8 based on the shells. Mamma duck is VERY serious about defending her babies. They will be the first batch of Mamma raised ducklings here. No pictures at the moment, Mamma is VERY protective. I snagged one to check on the age (very young, it was still wet) and she almost took off my hand.
I also shared my fancy Cow-mug-turned-pincushion
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The first Paula Dean recipe I’ve ever wanted to eat!

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Chicken Scratch NY

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Chicken Scratch NY

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  1. Thanks for hosting Alecia it is nice to see more people joining in and with such great projects too

  2. Thanks, Alecia … glad your readers like my stuff 🙂 I love linking up each week!

  3. Your little chick is so cute. I wish I could have chickens here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That chicken is adorable! We have our first silkie right now- about 11 weeks old. My boys LOVE her. We’ve got one trying to hatch under a hen right now too!