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Archives for July 2012

Road Kill Rescue – The Buffet

A month or so ago I was driving home from work and saw a buffet on the side of the road. It looked sad. Unfortunately there was no way it would fit in my Honda. So I had to wait until Mike got home and then did some sweet talking.Fast forward to midnight, in the rain, (possibly in pajamas) with a flashlight, on the side of the road.
We managed to get it in the back for his truck and then home.

She was pretty rough looking. The rain had done it’s best to damage the buffet. The veneer was bubbly, large pieces were peeling off. There were no knobs on the drawers. The trim on the back was barely attached. She was missing a wheel and the drawers didn’t close.


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The Story of a Miracle

Raising livestock isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.
This should put it in perspective for you:Sometimes your tiny silkie hen disappears and you think one of the many local foxes grabbed her.
And then you get a call from your neighbor apologizing for finding a nesting chicken, with his hay mower. 

Then when you’re out walking to fence line looking for the pieces and you find your little silke dead, not far from the remains of her nest. And you find this:

A single tiny egg. Smeared with it’s mothers blood. Left out in the hot sun for hours.
But you have to be stubborn to have farm.
So you put it in the incubator.

In the mean time your other silkie hen hatches her two eggs and she gets moved into a large fish tank in your spare room.

A week later your do your weekly candling of the turkey eggs and the silkie egg. But the hole for the candler is too big for the little egg, so you can’t see much.

That night your fiance wakes you up at 1 AM saying he heard peeping in the living room. Of course your first thought is the cat got the door open and snatched one of the week old chicks. But then you realize the peeping is coming from inside the incubator.

Crap. Did you know you’re supposed to take eggs off the turner 3 days before they hatch? Oops.

You open the incubator and the top is completely off the egg. You snatch it and almost immediately a wet little body flops out.

Silkies have black skin, when this little peeper dries off he’ll be buff colored like the others

Unfortunately the hatching incubator won’t heat up past 85 degrees. Double crap.
Little soon-to-be-fluff-ball goes in a plastic dish in the incubator on top of the egg turner. Mama silkie doesn’t want him, she does a nice little tap dance on his head. Back in the incubator he goes. Between messing with a heat lamp and a giant pot (might be the one we use to scald roosters…) and checking on the little guy to make sure he doesn’t flop out of the dish and get caught in the turner time flies by.
By the time you get it all working it’s 5 am. You normally leave for work at 6:30. Triple crap?

(Luckily my boss is awesome and I didn’t go in until 10. Also, my cat found a mouse and played with it in my bedroom during my 3 hours of sleep)


Like most miracles this one ends happy. The silkie mamma decided she would take him after he was all dried off. The little one in the back is 1 week older than the one shes semi-sitting on.
If you follow me on FB you might have heard about the ducklings hatching last night too.
14 little peepers
A lot of real farms out there are having problems much bigger than mine. A Rural Journal has a widget to donate to a fellow blogger Go West Feral Woman who lost a lot in a recent wildfire. If you head over to GWFW you will cry.

What’s Cluckin’ 12

Lots of babies here on the Chicken Scratch Farm!
July 5th we had 2 Silkies chicks hatch. They are currently living in the spare room in a giant fish tank. They are tiny birds and I’m not sure the hen is up to keeping tabs on them with all the other things going on. She does seem to be pretty serious about the little puff balls though. Hopefully I’ll get them hooked up with some protection soon so they can head out side
Wednesday night I was closing up the barn and found some peculiar egg shells underneath the nest boxes. A few seconds later I heard a soft peeping. As of right now I think there are atleast 8 based on the shells. Mamma duck is VERY serious about defending her babies. They will be the first batch of Mamma raised ducklings here. No pictures at the moment, Mamma is VERY protective. I snagged one to check on the age (very young, it was still wet) and she almost took off my hand.
I also shared my fancy Cow-mug-turned-pincushion
The giveaway is still running!
Keri at Shaken Together is taking over CSNY! She had the top link again last week:
This weeks last link up was from Craft A Spell

The first Paula Dean recipe I’ve ever wanted to eat!

Congrats! You are are top of the pecking order (trust me, it’s the best place to be!)

Chicken Scratch NY

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We are a Winner!

Like most bloggers I enter my fair share of giveaways

A few weeks ago I checked my email and found out I won a growth chart from Meegan of What Meegan Makes. I got it last week but this was the first time Mr Bentley Bean was able to come over to check out his new gift. He and his mamma (my sister) love it!

I’m so BIG!

It’s perfect for them because they are currently renting. Now they have a move-able growth chart to keep track of the little guy!

This is the face he makes when we play ‘velociraptor’

Thrifted Teacup Pincushion

I’ve had this teacup/coffee mug for a while. It’s a Salvo find from a friend.
There is only one and it has a small rust spot in the bottom.
It’s been kicking around the craft room for a while, usually holding some fabric scraps or trim.
I’ve been on a craft purge and anything that doesn’t serve a purpose gets the ax.So I gave it a purpose


These are probably 100 variations on this but I’ll share my method anyway.

You need:
-Rubber Band
Cut the fabric larger than you think you need.
Pack the mug with stuffing.
It won’t stay without the fabric but you’ll get a general idea of how much you need.
Wrap the stuffing up in the fabric. Try to get it circular, tug on the fabric until you’re happy.
Secure with a rubber band.
Pop it in the mug and you’re good to go!