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Christmas In July: Snowflake Chandelier

…or maybe it’s more of a mobile?

This is my first official Silhouette project!
Btw if you really want one Amazon has a great price right now!
You can get the Silhouette Cameo for 237.49!!!
Just kidding, it’s back to regular price now ($269).
(that is an affiliate link, if you purchase through it I’ll get like 15 cents)


  •  Hoop (I used 1/2 an embroidery hoop)
  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook
  • Thread (Use upholstery thread or even dental floss, regular thread will tangle too much and drive you nuts!)
  • Super Glue
  • Vellum Snowflakes (I cut mine from 3 sheets of patterned vellum paper)
1. Wrap or crochet the yarn around the hoop. I single crocheted around the hoop, it was less tangle-y than trying to wrap it.
2. Make your hanging loop. Cut 4 equal length pieces of yarn, using your crochet hook pull one piece of yarn through the stands on the hoop. Pull the ends through the loop and pull tight.
One you tie two springs opposite each other cross them like this to approximate the  location of the other two
3. Hold all 4 strands together and even out the lengths so the look hangs level. Tie a knot, move up an inch and tie another knot. The hole can be used to hang the chandelier/mobile.
4. Super glue a length of string to the snow flakes at one point or corner. You can put multiple flakes on each string if you want more flakes and less string.
Frosted Flake (hehe)
5. When the glue is dry thread the needle, pull the thread though the yarn ring. Don’t tie yet. Keep adding snowflakes until you’re happy with the result. The yarn should hold the string without putting in knots so you can adjust each string.
6. When you are happy tie a knot and trim the ends.
7. Hang by the top loop and enjoy!


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  1. So cool how proactive you’re being at getting stuff done for Christmas!!! Hobby Lobby has slowly added aisle by aisle, and it’s July, so why not! Hopefully, I’ll own a Silhouette one day. Wish I could give you my 15 cents right now ;D!

  2. This is so cute. Love the snowflakes hanging!
    Thanks for linking up at Friday Fun Party. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Love it! Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!

  4. I think it turned out so cute!

    If you get a chance I would love for you to come link up your mobile at my Pin Party.

  5. That’s really cute!

  6. Thanks for stopping by CountryMommaCooks and linking up at our Saturday Link and Greet Party…hope to see you again tonight : )
    Deana @ CountryMommaCooks

  7. Featuring this at tonights Link and Greet Party @ CountryMommaCooks : )

  8. Goodness this too cute! Thanks for sharing at the party this week!

  9. Your snowflake chandelier is quite lovely! Found you through Creative Bloggers Collective.