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WW: Hatching Duckling (6/90)

I [tried] to take a series of pictures of a duck hatching, but the lighting sucked and they move a lot. Funny how you can’t control baby beasts!

 The part of hatching that takes the longest is from the initial ‘pip’ to when they break the shell all the way around. After than it goes pretty quickly. There is a lot of flailing and some nasty looking membranes. All six of these eggs hatched and they were moved out to the barn earlier this week. If all goes well we should have some turkeys hatching next week and we needed the tub.

All dried off

Summer Blog Challenge – Nicknames:

Beans – My dad’s parents sometimes me that because I used to play with a jar of beans

Rosie – My dad’s father calls me that because my middle name is Rose

Quack – Long story but that’s what Mike calls me (it’s a reference to ducks)


  1. What sweet looking ducks. I would love to have ducks some day and turkey. your a lucky girl!

  2. I would love to hear the long story! I love your WW post. It’s adorable and I bet so cute to see in person.

  3. Aww I love the duckies! 🙂 I used to love going to farms just to go be around all the farm animals! Your nicknames are really cute too!

  4. Incredible! I have never seen brand new ducks. <3

  5. They are so sweet. I loved the summer when I raised the duckling. If you have not read my series of posts about Dilly I think you would like them. Can’t wait to see the turkeys hatch.

  6. I totally live vicariously in the country when pictures like this are posted. thanks!

  7. I am so excited about the hatching. I’m getting 15 chickens in the next two weeks, and can’t wait to start raising them! Thanks for giving me this to look forward to! How cute!!!!

  8. fabulous photos!!xo

  9. Those little chicks are ADORABLE!

  10. Cuuuute!!!!! I love that you took pics of the duck hatching. My kids loved them, too!!!
    Even my 1 1/2 year old got excited about them. She said, “Ducky! Meow!” ummm… ok… we needed a little work on that one. Now she is walking around saying, “Quack, quack!” lol

  11. OMG, so friggin cuuuute! Thanks for sharing this adorable post!

  12. Great photos. I’ve never seen an actual hatching. Thanks for taking the time to share. Think I’ll share it on FB.