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Archives for June 2012

What’s Cluckin 9

It’s been crazy. I’ve hardly been home this week so I’m sorry for not getting to comment on all the links! I did stop by I promise!
If you missed it I gave a tutorial on this super-quick Patriotic Embroidery!
The top-viewed link last week was from Kathe!
I think she’s had the top link for about 1/2 of these parties!

 This time she shared her garden shed re-vamp

Congrats! You are are top of the pecking order (trust me, it’s the best place to be!)

Chicken Scratch NY

On to the party, here are the rules:

Link up any thing crafty, food, garden or photo related.
Please no giveaways or shops

Link up to a single post, not your blog

Pretty please link back with a text link or button!
It doesn’t have to be on the post, just have it somewhere on your blog

Check out at least 2 other entries for everything you enter.
It’s all about the love!

You don’t have to be a follower but I’d love it!

Link up as much as you want

By linking up here you give me permission to use your photos if you’re featured on my blog and to have your post added to my feature pin board. Maybe even on my new facebook page (if I remember…)!

Chicken Scratch NY

4th of July Primitive Embroidery

It seems that my country style is taking a primitive slant this summer. My fingers were itching for something fast and fun to add to the patriotic spirit in my home. I spent about 4 hours in the garden so I knew it had to be easy and my craft room is over flowing so it had to be a stash buster.

This is what I came up with:

You need: A small embroidery hoop
A scrap of burlap bigger than the hoop
A scrap of tightly woven fabric for behind the hoop
A scrap of blue print fabric for the star
Thick red string (I used crochet cotton)
A sharp needle with a large eye

Start by placing the out side hoop on the table, make sure it’s loose
Layer on the burlap and woven fabric. Sandwich tightly with the inner hoop.

Cut a star from the blue print. I highly recomend drawing out a quick 5 point star on paper and making a pattern. My first star looked like a wide, fat man with a really long inseam.

Pin the star onto the burlap closer to the top than center.
Stitch around the edge with a wide straight stitch.

Free-hand (stitch?) “1776” below the star.
Trim and fray the burlap until you’re happy with it

Hang it up with next your Firecracker centerpiece and you are on your way to celebrating like its 1776!

Linked up at Funky Junk Interiors

Summer blog challenge:

Day 18:  I love this recipe for Cabbage Strudel  – if you follow this recipe you will end up with an excess of filling. But it’s still really good!

Day 19: Something I’m proud of? How about the progress I’ve been making in the garden (finally!)?
I’ll get some pictures up tomorrow but I’ll just say I planted squash, beets, carrots, cucumbers, beans, dill and melons. I also finished transplanting the tomatoes and excavated weeded around the kiwi, current and gooseberry bushes. 

A Fruity Update

Despite my dogs best efforts my fig tree has begun to flourish! I planted it back in March and shared my adventures in Fig Planting. It’ planted in the rhubarb bed that I tried my best to disperse (but failed). I dug out four huge plants but ran out of room and couldn’t find unsuspecting people anyone to give some too. So the fig tree has been fighting off the rhubarb. I’ve been helping by pulling all the stalks that cover the leaves.

This is what it looked like then:

see the little rhubarb stubs? much bigger now…

[Read more…]

Photo I’m Proud Of


This isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken but I am proud of it. This is where my baby sleeps all summer. She gets up when she shes me coming so getting a shot of her relaxing is a nice treat.

Usually when I come home from work shes in this window with her paws, belly and face pressed into the screen

Some Life Advice

Today’s prompt was to give 15 tips to get though life.

I haven’t lived enough life to really give too much advice so I’ll tell you something my Dad used to say when I would complain about something stupid

“If that’s the worst thing that happens all day, it’s still a good day”

It almost always works to get me over something trivial.

You can pick at least 14 more from this song: