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Free Address Labels in Books

When you have a lot of these:

It can be hard to keep track of them (the books, not the shelves). My Aunt has a great solution.

You know those address labels you often receive as a “free gift”?
I just got a new sheet from Better Homes and Gardens to entice me to renew my subscription for the low price of way too much (Amazon regularly offers 1 year subscriptions for $5).

I got rid of the offer but kept the stickers.

Put one address sticker in each book. I usually put them on the inside cover even though some have a line to write your name in. It’s easier to find and looks neater than scribbling with a pen

This is really helpful if you loan your books to others (or if you borrow books from friends and don’t remember if the book is yours or someone elses!). It’s also handy if you leave the book somewhere like at work.
Yesterday’s SBC was to post a tutorial. Puppy madness ensued and I didn’t get to take pictures until this morning. 
The boys are settling into a pattern so it’s getting easier.
The biggest problem is Alfie gets too rough and Bandit can’t play like that. 
We’ve finally got him back to walking on all 4 legs though, so that’s something!


  1. That is a great idea! I have scads of the return address labels that agencies keep sending me…. this is a great use for them, and I bet there are others!