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Turkey Eggs

It’s the second week of the Leap into Spring photo challenge!
I somehow forgot about it so this week there are two Wordless Wednesday posts.
You can find my Daffodil photos here
The topics for this week are Easter/Eggs.
Due to my sister being in the hospital I missed out on Easter (I do have 3/4 of a blessed butter lamb in the fridge though!) so I went with eggs. 
The light is best on the front lawn. So second day in a row I’ve been laying on my lawn with a camera. Thank goodness I don’t have close neighbors!
This is a Royal Palm Turkey Egg, now in the incubator
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  1. Love these, especially that second one. The natural elements are a nice compliment. You wouldn’t believe the precarious positions I’ve found myself in for a shot. lol. Thanks so much for linking to the Leap Into Spring Challenge for week 2! I hope you’ll join us Friday when we move onto Blossoms/Trees.

  2. Love that second photo! And don’t worry about laying in the grass in front of your neighbors. I do it all the time! 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining us in the Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge. We’re sharing photos of “blossoms/trees” this week. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have a great weekend!