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Rhubarb Muffin Failure and some Rhubarb Tips

I’ve got tons of rhubarb around my house.
I dug up and divided 4 plants and the 3 remaining ones are still providing enough for a small country.

I love cooking with rhubarb. It’s very tart and has a unique flavor. It’s very rare to eat something with rhubarb that isn’t full of sugar or other fruits. It actually bakes with a texture similar to apples.

Some Rhubarb Tips:

*When picking, pull out and down to remove the stalks, don’t cut

*Pick stalks thicker than your thumb, leave the small ones to fuel the roots for next year

*Pull off the flower ‘balls’ when they appear, there is no need to let the plants make seed

*Don’t bother with a knife. Use scissors to cut the rhubarb into pieces


*Don’t discriminate – Green and Speckled varieties are just as good as red stalked types

*Do: Eat Rhubarb

On to the failure:
Last year I made a delicious sour cream rhubarb cake.
It was amazing.

I decided to try a similar recipe for sour cream rhubarb muffins.
Only I tried to use yogurt instead of sour cream and replaced the white sugar with honey.

Giant Chunks of Rhubarby Goodness

Unfortunately my rhubarb muffins failed to… rise to my expectations.

I think they were too liquidy due to the substitutions, plus I over filled the muffin tin.
They were yummy though!

You can see all the thick slices of rhubarb after they baked.


  1. I am oh so jealous of your rhubarb plants! My mom had 2 when I was growing up, but I still have it on my list of “plants to accumulate when someone offers to split theirs”…My favorite was always strawberry rhubarb crisp.

  2. Looks yummy. Just an fyi, Alfie’s puppy profile was posted today for the Dog Days of Spring. Come check it out and grab a button on the top left of the page. Thanks again!

  3. You know what, I have never tried rhubarb, and after seeing this photo i might try. Like the oozy gooey look of the muffins, I would prefer than this way! Thanks for the tips! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration finds at Sunday’s Best!

  4. Thanks for linking up this great recipe @CountryMommaCooks Link and Greet Party……hope to see you again tonight:)

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  6. Your post reminded me kneed to go cut somer rhubarb out of the backyard. I didn’t realize that it shouldn’t cut cut but rather pulled. but then again, I never checked to see how to even care for rhubarb, good thing it’s so hardy. Thank you for linking up at Sunday Blog Love..I’m craving a rhubarb muffin! 🙂